Yema Helmet YM-925 Motorcycle Helmet Review

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The Yema YM-925 Dual Visor Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet has a black shiny look and anyone who wants to ride in style should consider this product. This head gear has numerous safety features that will keep the head protected while riding in style. It has also passed DOT requirements to give you peace of mind and knows that when accidents happen, it is approved for durability. When wearing this helmet other riders will admire the style and shape of this item.

Yema Helmet YM-925 Motorcycle Helmet

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  • Made with an ABS outer exterior shell designed for protection and durability
  • Constructed aerodynamically to help decrease noise and the wind
  • Double visors for accurate visibility
  • Equipped with a drop down sun shield that easily moves up and down
  • The liner is made to resist odor and bacteria
  • The liner can be removed and is washable for a clean appearance
  • It is equipped with advanced air vents that can be adjusted
  • Passed DOT requirements and guidelines for safety

Benefits of the Yema Helmet YM-925


The price for this helmet is reasonable and affordable. It comes with a guarantee of safety, style, and extensive features. A great helmet for an affordable price. This helmet will be sufficient for any ride no matter how long or short that you want to go. It will give stability and a sharp looking design with every trip.


This helmet has the safety that everyone needs. It is passed by DOT and stamped on the helmet to give peace of mind to its durability. The ABS material was constructed to give this helmet extended protection for the head and face. The dual visor is made to help protect the eyes and help ensure visibility will not be a problem no matter what type of weather you’re riding in.

Comfort and Fit

A comfortable helmet is important for many motorcycle riders. The comfort and fit can make the difference between having a fun, enjoyable ride and a miserable ride. If the helmet does not have the comfort, then this could make an unbearable ride that is discouraging. This helmet is designed for lightness with built in durability. The sizes fit well when using the head measuring chart for an accurate fit.

The liner is made to be removed and is washable. This means that the helmet will not only feel new with each use but will smell new. The snug fit ensures this helmet will not be moving around and affecting visibility or air flow.

The liner and padding are designed with a protective layer while offering a soft texture on the cheeks. It is a good choice for vision and air flow while on the road. A comfortable fit can improve the outcome of the ride each time.

Potential Concerns

Visor Distortion

The visor has a tint applied to it which can distort images. It is an issue for customers who are not used to tint and have problems seeing with it.


It has been discussed by several customers who have purchased this item, that the new smell is strong. It was advised to let the helmet air out before wearing it for the first time. This could be due to the material used to make it, which can give it a strong smell. A few customers have aired the helmet out and the smell was gone. Since the liner is washable it can be taken out and washed to decrease the smell as well.

Compared to Other Helmets

The AVE a-13 Fire Open Face Helmet is comparable to the Yema but costs more and does not include all the safety features.

The Yema is designed for face protection with its dual visor and full face capabilities. The ABS structure of the Yema shell offers more protection and durability when riding in any type of weather.

The look of the Yema is more appealing and stylish compared to the AVE helmet. It will keep the sunshine out of the eyes with its built in flip sun shield. This helmet would be more useful in the sun, rain, snow and wind. The AVE helmet has an open face, which will not protect against all types of weather that can occur.

Bottom Line

The Yema YM-925 Dual Visor Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet is a great item to purchase for security and safety reasons because it is designed specifically for that purpose.

The DOT sticker on this helmet backs up those features and safety requirements. The visor and shield give added eye protection against anything the weather or road can throw at you. The affordability of this item offers a low price with a great look. Not only is it a low-cost item but it is backed up by many safe and comfortable features.

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