LS2 Helmets Strobe Motorcycle Helmet Review

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The LS2 Helmets Strobe is a modular full-face helmet which provides the same features of helmets that cost more than twice its price.

Its built-in full-metal latch system works smoothly and provides secure attachment for safety. The single button that opens it is easy to find and use.

Even if you ride under full sunlight or in dark tunnels, you can still see clearly with the Twin Shield System built into this helmet. You’ll not only enjoy modern features from this product, but you can also expect comfort and maximum protection.

LS2 Helmets Strobe Solid Modular Motorcycle Helmet

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  • High pressure thermoplastic technology (HPTT) composite shell offers a lightweight and aerodynamic design
  • Completely controllable flow-through ventilation system keeps you cool through its vents and warm by blocking the breeze
  • Built-in Twin Shield System sun shield protects your eyes from the sun
  • Built-in quick release system allows the shield to be easily opened or dropped down with a single button
  • Moisture-absorbent fabric liner is washable and removable
  • 3D Laser Cut foam cheek pads offer maximum comfort and fit
  • Scratch and fog resistant visor for resilience
  • Approved by DOT and ECE safety requirements
  • Built-in fast release strap for secure attachment and simple slip on/off
  • Neck roll offers more cushion and protection to the neck
  • Reinforced chin strap protects the chin and secures the helmet in place
  • Weight: 4 pounds



This helmet is built with extra cushions inside to protect your head from pressure points that may develop from long term use. The cheek pads are cut with care to provide a great fit and comfort on your face.

Interestingly, the liner absorbs moisture to keep you dry at all times. The liner can also be removed and washed to make you feel clean during every ride.

A neck roll is also included to cushion your neck against the strain of riding upright the whole day long.

Great security

To get maximum protection, the helmet must remain securely fit in your head. This is the area that the LS2 Strobe greatly excels.

It features a quick release strap which comfortably tightens the hold of the helmet in your head. The chin strap is also designed to secure your chin against injuries.

Excellent ventilation system

The ventilation of this helmet can be adjusted according to your preference. If you like to keep cool, you can open the vents at the top and chin, certain that nice clean air circulates in your helmet because is exhaust ports releases the hot air out.

During the cold season where the breeze is chilly, you can close some vents to keep you warm and comfortable throughout your ride.

Superior visor features

This helmet has a visor that is constructed from optically precise polycarbonate materials. This type of polymer offers high resistance against impact that might injure your eyes.

The visor is made to be resistant to scratches resulting from impacts. Additionally, you can be certain that you view will not be hindered by fog due to its integrated fog resistance feature.

Even if you ride along tunnels, you can still see clearly with the light coming in from the helmet’s Twin Shield System. More importantly, your eyes will be fully protected by this UV resistant shield.

Things to be Aware Of

Runs small

Some customers expressed concerns over the size of the helmet, which comes too small for them. They seem to think that the size doesn’t follow the standard sizes offered on the market.

To resolve this problem, you can check the dimensions of the helmet first before buying it. To be sure that you purchase the right helmet size, measure your head with a measuring tape.

Your actual head size can be determined above your forehead and ears. If you find this a bother, you can go 2 sizes up to get the right fit.

Lacks Bluetooth capacity

A few customers have noted that this helmet makes it hard to install a Bluetooth intercom or similar hands-free device in it.

It would have been better if this helmet was Bluetooth ready or it offered enough space for this sort of technology. As a result, many have found it inconvenient to take important calls, because they need to stop and park their motorbike safely before taking a call.

If you find a shortfall as well, you can try the BILT Techno Bluetooth Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet.

Fog builds up inside

A small number of customers complained that the helmet tends to fog up inside. Though it doesn’t totally block the view, the fog can be distracting.

This seems to be a problem with most clear shields, but if you want a visor that is fog resistant, you can try the Bell Solid Adult Motorcycle Helmet, which has no history with any fog issues.

Comparison with other products

Bell Solid Helmet

The LS2 Strobe helmet has a Twin Shield system sun shield, while the Bell Solid helmet has a clear shield with an additional optional tinted shield.

In terms of safety certification, the LS2 Strobe achieves 2 certifications from DOT and ECE, while its competing brand only has a DOT certification. However, the LS2 Strobe is more expensive than its competitor.

TORC T15B Bluetooth Helmet

Meanwhile, the LS2 Strobe is cheaper than the TORC T15B Bluetooth helmet. However, the LS2 Strobe lacks the Bluetooth technology that its rival offers.

This makes LS2 less advanced than its counterpart. Though both are DOT certified, the LS2 Strobe is further certified by ECE standards.

Bottom Line

The LS2 Helmets Strobe is a great bargain provided its good features. At a low price, you can have the Twin Shield system sun shield that can protect your eyes from sunlight.

Though this tends to create fog inside, it is just minimal and can easily be compensated by its other excellent features, like its adjustable ventilation, great security features, and maximum comfort.

Overall, this helmet is a good purchase for those who want more value of their money.

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