Cool Motorcycle Helmets

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Motorcycles are not only cool, but dangerous. And, let’s be honest, that’s part of the appeal. Bad boys, rock stars, those fellas’ that dive bomb from bridges into the abyss – the reckless rebels – those are the ones everyone remembers. They are, in essence, bottled adrenaline. And, the same can be said of the loveliest of gender.

This animalistic reaction, that draws us and seduces us, that makes us peer up at a mountain and discover a need to climb it, that plucks us in high school and makes us fall head-over-heel for that punk who we know will bring us nothing but heartache, isn’t just reserved for one sex; it goes both ways… need I mention Uma Thurman in Kill Bill?

Well, that same howl at the moon, that wolf hunger for danger, speed and thrills is the same clamor that lures us into buying a motorcycle. The problem, some quickly discover, is the fact that all sex-appeal is tossed out the window the second a helmet comes into play.

“Swat!” What little charisma the bike gave us is turned to mush once we go all Darth Vader. Some, like Uma, manage to pull off the look, but the rest lack her looks, the sparkle of Hollywood magic and the proper dose of a wicked soundtrack, plus the obligatory slow-mo tracking shot to sell the image.

Nonetheless, we have to protect ourselves… while looking cool; that last bit not only goes without saying, it’s paramount to the whole endeavor.

One way to protect yourself against the risks of riding a motorcycle is to wear a durable helmet. Due to the rise of motorcycle-related accidents, some countries have made it a requirement to wear a motorcycle helmet while riding.

Though protection is a must, looking cool is also a plus factor. However, the term “cool” is subjective. Whatever may be classified as cool by one person may not be the same for another.

Therefore, we will list some cool motorcycle helmets that possess both great designs and Department of Transportation (DOT) certification for guaranteed safety.

Some on this list are DIY made and later on packed and sold through different digital markets for the public’s consumption. And, just for the heck of it, some that don’t have that stamp of approval (DOT); so wear at your own risk and all that. And if these helmets are “too cool” for you you can check out some of the best motorcycle helmets on the homepage.

Cool Motorcycle Helmets

Comparison Chart

51uwZpL6eaL. SL500
1STORM Motorcycle Bike Full FACE Helmet Mechanic Skull – Tinted Visor RED
518z9EclyEL. SL500
Woljay 3/4 Open Face helmet, Motorcycle Helmet Flat leather Black (M)
51IWXl6mGYL. SL500
TRIANGLE Motorcycle Helmet Full Face Dual Visor Street Bike Biohazard Helmet Unisex[DOT] (Large, Green) …
51E2zlXr98L. SL500
AHR Run-O5 Retro 3/4 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet with Removable Snap on Sun Shield Visor DOT Patriotic Flag Style M
41+BzqOUW8L. SL500
Bell Bullitt Helmet (Gloss Black – Medium)
51rMZvU2qYL. SL500
HJC RPHA 11 Pro Batman Men’s Street Motorcycle Helmet – MC-5SF / X-Large
41PMwPooJHL. SL500
Bell Rogue Half Helmet (Matte Black – Large)
Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet

1STORM Motorcycle Bike Full Face Mechanic Skull Helmet – Tinted Visor RED

51uwZpL6eaL. SL500

If you want to look badass with skull graphics, this item is suitable for you. This helmet doesn’t only look cool but it is also certified by DOT safety standards.

It is built with an advanced fast release buckle design for simple wear and secured attachment. Its shell is made of lightweight thermoplastic and alloy composite materials, which assure durability and aerodynamic design.

Its visual aesthetic is further enhanced by the beautiful glossy UV protective finish, which also protects the paint of the helmet from chipping. The pads placed as interior cushion are detachable and washable for convenient maintenance.

Woljay 3/4 Open Face Helmet

518z9EclyEL. SL500

If you want a vintage look, choose this helmet which features a cream brown color. Aside from its great design, it is certified by both DOT and ECE 22-05 helmet safety standards.

Its covering is made of advanced thermal resin (ATR), while its visor is built with a PC Lexan design. A micrometric buckle is included to ensure that the helmet comfortably hugs your head.

Its removable lining pads are made of hypoallergenic materials that do not irritate the skin. With its open face design, you have access to as much ventilation as you want.

Triangle Bio-hazard Matte Green Dual Visor Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT

51IWXl6mGYL. SL500

This helmet has great graphics which offer a cool contrast to its matte black color. Interestingly, this is an affordable option, even given its cool features and DOT certification.

Some noteworthy features include an enhanced flip up sun visor mechanism and an EPS Impact absorption inner liner. The shell of this helmet is also made of lightweight acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) composite materials.

Though fully enclosed when wearing it, this helmet is completely ventilated to promote better airflow throughout its interior.

AHR Run-O5 Retro Open Face Motorcycle Helmet 

51E2zlXr98L. SL500

This helmet gives off an authentic American driver look with a line of stars down the middle.

Like all other cool motorcycle helmets mentioned on this list, the Nutcase helmet is approved by both DOT and ECE helmet safety standards. To reduce the impact that you may encounter during high-speed crashes, an EPS foam liner is installed inside the helmet.

The shell is made with injection-molded ABS composite materials for durability. This helmet is built with a clear Anti-scratch and UV protective shield that protects your eyes from harmful sunlight.

It is also built with a fast pull-release buckle which can keep the helmet securely in place throughout the ride. It also has two front vents for more airflow.

Bell TT Adult Bullitt Sports Racing Motorcycle Helmet

41+BzqOUW8L. SL500

The design of this helmet is inspired by the first Bell Star Helmet. It features an amazing fit and high-quality attributes. It is built with a bubble shield that gives it a vintage racing look.

Though your face will be fully enclosed, there is still enough air flow inside with its high-level ventilation system. The shell is made of super low-profile fiber composite.

The interior liners are detachable and can be washed when they get dirty, stopping the growth of bacteria that may cause allergies and infections.

Its chin strap is padded for extra comfort, and a stainless D-ring closure keeps the helmet securely in place. Most importantly, this helmet is certified under DOT safety standards.

If you want a retro look when riding your motorcycle, this helmet will do the trick for you.

HJC RPHA 11 Pro Batman Men’s Street Motorcycle Helmet

51rMZvU2qYL. SL500

There is an old sayin’, one that was engraved on the third tablet; the very same one that slipped from Moises clumsy fingers. A proverb etched into stone by the all mighty himself. It goes, and I quote from scripture:

“Always be yourself, unless you can be Batman, then ALWAYS be Batman.”

At about medium price, this DOT certified (yes, I know it boggles the mind how it passed that high bar) has all the bells and whistles necessary to eat up whatever dough you have left after you bought your first bike.

This little beauty isn’t a hard sell… it’s rather simple, if you have a Y chromosome you’ll instantly fall in love with it. And, at least this is what our deluded Beta Male angel tells us, once this helmet is in our arsenal, all those of the double X chromosome persuasion will fall at our Affleck like feet.

Bell Rogue Helmet

41PMwPooJHL. SL500

What happens when a lowly Stormtropper – no doubt doing his best to climb the Imperial company ladder – sucks up to his boss and buys that man a BluRay copy of Mad Max Fury Road? The answer is two fold:

Number One: Bell Rogue Motorcycle Helmets Spring catalogue.

Number Two: a confused Emperor asking Darth Vader: “what the hell did you do to your helmet? Really, Anakin, stop being so susceptible.”

The Rogue is structured from a lightweight helmet base, with the ever trusty plush interior lining. That last bit is removable, so you can give it a thorough cleaning the second it starts giving funky a new more “cheesy” definition. It also has an adjustable muzzle, that detaches with FidLock magnetic connector.

Now, the cool thing about Rogue helmets is the fact that the company not only knows but encourages bikers to hack their stuff. They made a helmet with a finish perfectly designed for personal flair on the riders part.

Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet

You know how I talked and wrote and wailed about the hidden commandment, well, there’s a clause. It’s a new one, mind you, recently greased through the Heavenly Congress and passed with an unanimous vote for its immediate enforcement.

“Yada, yada, yada, ALWAYS be Batman… Unless you can be Iron Man. If that lucky coincidence happens, simply flip a coin and allow destiny to figure out your comic alliance.”

Approved by The Avengers, Stark Industries and DOT this little beauty has everything you need in order to make a grand entrance at your town’s annual Comic Con. The nice thing about the Iron Man Helmet is the fact that it comes in different styles: The original March- IV, the War Machine, and The Iron Patriot.

At 229 bucks, this baby deserves a place hanging by your bike handles.

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