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Helmets are a very crucial part of riding. In many states and countries is it completely illegal to go riding without one. Although they are probably the most important riding gear, helmets can be quite bulky sometimes. Not only are they bulky, but they often tend to be heavy. If you’re a new rider or even if you’re an experienced rider, you may not be so fond of those big, heavy helmets. Thankfully, there’s a solution for you.

Today, there are many lightweight women’s motorcycle helmets. If you’ve been shopping around for a helmet, you may have come across a few of them. But, can any of these helmets offer real protection for your head while you’re riding? Let’s find out.

This article will feature one of the lightweight women’s motorcycle helmets, the Outlaw Helmets T70 Glossy Black Purple Butterfly Motorcycle Half Helmet. After reading about it, we hope that you will feel truly satisfied with the information we’ve provided. We also hope that the information you get here will be very useful to you as you make your decision about your next helmet.

So, keep reading! There’s a lot to find out about this lightweight women’s helmet.

Outlaw Helmets T70 Glossy Black Purple Butterfly Motorcycle Half Helmet

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The Outlaw Helmets T70 Glossy Black Purple Butterfly Motorcycle Half Helmet is a DOT-approved product. It is available in several sizes and sold for an affordable price regardless of the size you choose. The helmet has a solid black background with butterfly design. And, as the name suggests, it won’t cover your entire head as a full helmet would. Instead, it fits like a beanie, mostly covering the top of your head. The helmet has a small black visor on the top which is both adjustable and removable. When the visor is present, the shape of the helmet resembles that of a cap. But, with or without the visor, the helmet remains very functional.

One of the best things about this Motorcycle Helmetz is its weight. At less than 2.5 pounds, it is one of the lightest women’s helmets that you’ll come across. However, the materials used to make it are very tough, offering a lot of protection for your head when it’s worn. There’s a soft, plush lining inside the helmet too. So, comfort won’t be an issue to worry about.

The Outlaw Helmets T70 Glossy Black Purple Butterfly Motorcycle Half Helmet is completely face shield compatible. And, if you’d like to complete the look with a pair of goggles, there’s a lot of space for you to do so. To keep the helmet in place on your head, there are chin straps that you have to buckle under your chin. The straps are easy to buckle, and they’ll stay in place once you don’t open the straps. The straps are adjustable too, so you can tighten or loosen them as you desire.

Unfortunately, the inner lining of the helmet may not be removable, so you should consider this before purchasing it. However, the helmet itself is a beautifully constructed product and should be able to accompany you on many rides our other outdoor adventures.


  • The helmet meets all safety requirements by the DOT, so it shouldn’t pose a safety risk when worn correctly
  • The visor on the helmet can be removed if you do not want to keep it on the helmet
  • It’s comfortable to wear because there is a very soft, lining inside the helmet
  • You can wear the helmet with googles since it will not be a hindrance to it
  • It is very lightweight, so it won’t feel heavy on your head or be difficult to carry around
  • The helmet is made from very strong and durable materials?
  • The helmet is well-ventilated to prevent your head from getting hot while you wear it
  • It has a very cool and unique design on the exterior that makes it stand out from other helmets of its kind
  • The chin straps help to keep the helmet in place while you’re wearing it
  • You don’t have to spend a fortune to purchase it
  • There are several sizes that you can choose from to make sure you get a good fit


  • Not everyone will be able to appreciate the design that is on the exterior of the helmet
  • It doesn’t cover your entire head, so some areas of your head may not be protected while you wear it


There are many great features to love about the Outlaw Helmets T70 Glossy Black Purple Butterfly Motorcycle Half Helmet. It’s not heavy, has a great graphic design, a nice plus interior lining and so much more. There aren’t a lot of women’s helmets on the market today that have a design that’s so cool; so, finding one with a design that’s this great is a good find. However, some people may be a bit skeptical of this design.

There’s so much that stands out with this helmet too. Having a removable visor is a great feature. So, there are times when it may become necessary to use it, and other times when you can enjoy riding without that added weight. But, perhaps the thing that stands out most with this helmet is the quality of the materials used to make it. With such tough and durable components to it, you should be able to keep this helmet in good riding condition for many years to come.


Beanie helmets are a great option for riders who would prefer to keep their heads cooler. It’s also a great option if you’re not a fan of those heavy full helmets. This particular helmet, the Outlaw Helmets T70 Glossy Black Purple Butterfly Motorcycle Half Helmet, is one of the lightest and smallest on the market today. So, if that’s what you’re searching for, you’ve just hit the jackpot. It’s sold for a very good price too, so make sure you check it out. We believe it’s a great option for female riders who love graphic helmets that are lightweight.

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