What Type Of Motorcycle Should I Get

With so many types of motorcycles on the market it can be extremely hard to narrow down your options and just pick out one bike that is best for your own needs.

There are so many factors to consider. Some of the things you should think about are what size of engine you want in your motorcycle; this will determine your overall speed as well as it will have a very large impact on the amount of gas that you consume.

Overall fuel economy is always something to consider because if you are using the bike a lot this is something that is going to cost you money over a long period of time. Other things to think about include the height of the seat, the position of the handle bars and the comfortability and overall look of the bike.

Depending how tall you are and depending how old you are; you may be interested in buying a certain bike just because of where the seat sits on it. If you have a hard time sitting straight up you can find a bike with a laid back seat so that you can ride comfortably and not have to worry about things such as proper posture.

Something like a sport bike on the other hand is going to cause you to lean over when you are riding and it could be a lot more difficult for older people as well as tall people to ride as a result.

The position of the handle bars is a very important factor when you are riding; you want something where you can sit comfortably and still reach the throttle if it is on the handle bars; plus you want to have full range of motion when you are turning so that you don’t endanger yourself and other people on the road.

If you have something like shoulder issues you may like certain positions such as low sitting handle bars better than higher ones. It is important to try out multiple bikes so that you can find something that works for your body and is going to be comfortable for a long period of time.

One of the most important factors for most people is how the bike actually looks. With so many bikes available on the market it can be rather difficult to narrow down your options to particular brands that you want to ride. It is always a good idea to look at forums and reviews of motorcycle companies so that you can be sure they are making a quality product and that it is going to last you for a long period of time.

It can be difficult to decide if you want a sporty looking bike or something with a little bit more class. Each type of bike will have their own benefits and you will find that there are big differences in the price of repairs as well as the price of parts for big brand name motorcycles.

One very difficult decision to make is whether or not you want to buy a new motorcycle or whether you want to buy something brand new. The difference in price can be huge for a new motorcycle compared to an old motorcycle.

You will find that older motorcycles are plenty in the online marketplace and it doesn’t matter if you are just buying one that is a year old; it is still going to be quite a lot cheaper than brand new and it should last you for many years to come as long as you and the person who had the motorcycle before you was doing proper maintenance on the unit.

Another difficult decision to make is where you want the gas / throttle to be located. It is important to consider if you are new to driving around bikes when you make up your mind on this decision. Switching from driving a car to driving a bike is not a lot different if you are buying a motorcycle where the pedal is on the floor.

Although it is not that difficult to learn how to drive a motorcycle with a hand based throttle; it does have a bit of a learning curve to it. This is largely due to cornering because you have to turn and use the throttle a bit at the same time so that you don’t fall off of your bike and hurt yourself.

The actual type of bike you buy is something most people are very particular about. There are several types of bikes available and each of them have their own perks. A sport bike is going to be a fast bike. Something like a cruiser bike is going to be reliable and easy to find parts for.

An off-road bike is great for doing tricks and races with and generally they are also some of the cheaper motorcycles available. Meanwhile if you buy a standard motorcycle they are going to be cheap for parts, easy to resell and great for beginners to learn on.

It is a good idea to do some research into each type of bike so that you can buy a bike that suits your individual needs. To get you thinking about the types of things to look for here is a small list: comfortability, where the seat is in comparison to the handle bars, what material the bike is made of, the size of the engine, fuel economy, where the throttle is located and what type of brakes the motorcycle contains.

When you finally find a bike that you like it is always a good idea to test drive it and make sure that everything is working smoothly. If you are buying used always check to make sure that the bike has service records or the user kept some kind of proof of them doing oil changes etc.

If you buy a bike and the person who owned it before you didn’t properly maintain it; it could literally just be a matter of time before something serious goes wrong on the bike and you end up having to perform costly repairs on it.

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