Best Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

A helmet is necessary if you want to be protected from head injuries that could result from road mishaps while riding your motorcycle or scooter.

Not only that, but in some countries it’s the law – which makes this even more of a necessity when you decide to travel by motorcycle. A good helmet must be certified duly by known road safety standards like DOT, ECE, or Snell.

A certification from any of these authorities indicates durability and genuine protective ability. You might also consider the design, comfort, and ventilation of the helmet in selecting the best one for you.

Helmets come in different styles, such as full-face, half-face, and open-face. However, the many helmet brands available on the market can make it difficult to choose the right one for you.

They all differ in price and features, but serve the same purpose protecting your head protection. Before purchasing your helmet of choice, make sure that you have measured your head size to select the best one that fits right for you.

To help you choose a good helmet, here are some quick reviews of a few of the more highly rated models on the market.

IV2 Matte Flat Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet model comes with two visors which you can interchange to suit your needs. If you like to see the road clearly, you can wear the clear visor, but if you want to be protected from the blinding glare of the sun, you can wear the smoked visor.

Replacement of a visor is simple because no tools are needed. This helmet is DOT certified to conform to helmet safety requisites. Its streamlined design blocks the noise of the wind when you move swiftly down the road.

For better airflow inside the helmet, vents are positioned to be as effective as possible. At 2.4 pounds, this is light enough to be worn on long bike rides.

This helmet is comfortable because it is designed with interior pads and liners to cushion your face and head while you wear it. Its shell is durable and strong due to its construction from ABS composite materials.

However, some customers noted that the paint of the shell can easily be scratched and chipped off. This makes it less attractive if you don’t handle it with great care.

Nevertheless, this helmet offers great protection and comfort at a very affordable price.

LS2 Stream Anti-Hero Full Face Motorcycle Helmet with Sun shield

If you seek a cool helmet design, then the Stream Anti-Hero helmet is perfect for you. Its shell is designed with great graphics which stand out from its plain glossy background.

This product is built with a drop down sun shield, which shields your eyes from the sunlight that could otherwise distract you from driving. The sun shield can be drawn in with just a flip of a switch.

This helmet meets both DOT and ECE safety standards which makes it very effective in protecting your head against strong impacts. The this helmet also provides easy-on and easy-off affix thanks to its fast release chin strap.

You can also remove and wash the liner of this helmet for sanitation purposes. This is an important feature because the liner comes in such close contact with your face.

If you have a sensitive skin, you might end up with allergic reactions from with the dirt and sweat that might be buried in the liners.

However, its best feature is its great ventilation system, which includes an exhaust vent that releases warm air out of the helmet, keeping you cool always.

Some customers noted that the bottom trim piece of this helmet easily comes loose. Nonetheless, this helmet offers great design and a maximum when it comes to comfort features.

1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Scooter Open Face Helmet; 3D Skull Glossy Black

This helmet has a unique design that boosts your cool image when wearing it. Its structure is designed similarly to a skull with little spikes on top. Its shell is coated with a nice glossy UV protective finish.

This protects the paint of your helmet, ensuring that it will last for a long time. Despite its rough design, it meets DOT safety standards, making it capable of protecting your head against impact injuries.

It includes a fast release buckle design which ensures the helmet stays in place securely on your head and makes operation easier.

While the shield can be lifted up on some brands of bike helmet like Stream Anti-Hero and IV2 full face helmet, the 1Storm skull helmet has a fixed shield which serves as the eyes of the skull image.

This can sometimes reduce visibility, especially since the shield is tinted, but the motorcycle helmet is certainly head turner thanks to its grisly image. With its inexpensive price, you get style and functionality at a bargain.

Core Forester MX-1 Off-Road Helmet

This helmet goes well with dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). If you are involved with dirt bike and ATV racing then this helmet is right for you. This brand comes in two models: tan camouflage and safety orange.

The shell is finished with a clear coat to protect it from scratches. It is built with an excellent ventilation system: one front vent and six rear exhaust vents.

The front vent lets air flow inside the helmet while the rear exhaust vents let out the warm air for comfort. It is built with ear pockets to secure your communication device.

This provides great protection as it both meets and surpasses the DOT’s FMSV218 standard. At 4.8 pounds, this helmet won’t be a distraction while on the road.

It also offers the perfect sizing options which don’t come in sizes too small or too large. However, this item doesn’t come with goggles for eye protection – something a few customers have taken issue with.

It could have been perfect if it had, these customers say. Nonetheless, this helmet has been attested to offer great protection when you run into accidents while riding your dirt bike off-road.