Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

If you like to enjoy music streaming and Bluetooth communication systems while on the road, it is best that you purchase a powerful motorcycle helmet speaker.

These speakers can provide several great functions for your headgear, such as in-helmet phone call and communications, GPS voice commands, and music streaming.

Installation of speakers is no longer a problem thanks to motorcycle helmets that offer a customized space for the placement of aftermarket helmet speakers.

Motorcycle helmet speakers come – or without – with various features. Some lack microphones, while others have no volume control.

It is best to determine the features that you need so that you can match them to a product that offers them. The type of helmet also plays a role in the installation of speakers. If your helmet has limited space, then you can opt for smaller speakers.

The loudness of the helmet speakers depends on the audio device and placement of the speakers within the helmet. You can enjoy the full range of volume from your speakers if you make sure they’re placed near your ears.

To help you decide on which motorcycle helmet speaker best suits your needs, here are some reviews on some of the popular brands on the market.

Sena 20S-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.1 HD Audio and Advanced Noise Control

This product is built with an Advanced Noise Control feature which effectively blocks the sounds of your surroundings. It produces crystal-clear HD audio which makes voice calls and music streaming more vivid in quality.

Its greatest feature is its integrated Audio Multitasking technology, which enables you to have an intercom communication while you listen your favorite music or GPS voice prompts.

Interestingly, you can connect the 20S to any Bluetooth-compatible device with just a simple shake, made possible by its motion sensor technology. Its built-in microphone allows you take voice calls while on the road.

You can control this product intuitively coupled with hands-free voice prompts. It uses the Universal Intercom protocol to make it compatible with all Sena and non-Sena Bluetooth products. You can configure its settings by linking it up with the Sena Smartphone app.

The intercom range of this device can reach up to 900 meters. It has a long battery life which can last up to 12 hours. Both its speakers and microphones produce clean, clear, and loud sound quality.

However, some customers find this product to be overpriced, making them settle for cheaper models. Nonetheless, this is one of the most highly rated motorcycle helmet speakers out there on the market, thanks to its exceptional features.

Tork X2 Stereo Motorcycle Helmet Speakers with Volume Control

This item offers the thinnest construction at only around 0.25 inches thick, making it perfect for helmets with less space in the ear pocket area. You can also place them over detachable ear pads due to their ultra-thin feature. Though they do offer think construction, this product produces high quality sound like no other.

Audio is not muffled like you might expect from its delicate design, making it is loud enough to enjoy your music. It is highly recommended for those with either quiet bikes or those that produce an average amount of engine noise.

This stereo speaker system has a volume control which you can use to increase or decrease the volume of your music while on the road.

The best feature of this product is its inexpensive price, making it affordable for everybody. However, this works poorly with motorcycles with louder exhaust pipes, as these tend to drown out the music. Sometimes, installation can be a bit complex because you need to delicately align the speakers with your ear for the best sound quality.

Once you do manage position the speakers securely in line with you ear, you can hear nothing but the beat of your music for your entire ride.

Tinksky 3.5mm Bicycle Motorcycle Motorbike Helmet MP3 Speaker Headphone with Volume

This speaker extends a cable length of 186 cm, which is enough to reach your helmet and the audio source in your pocket. You can operate this unit easily with its volume controller feature located right on its cord. If you like to listen to your music at full volume, then you can switch the volume control up easily.

Attaching this unit can be done through Velcro tape. At 1.1 ounces you will barely feel like it’s there. You can fully enjoy its clarity of its sound by securing it well near your ear.

This is a very cheap product which barely costs $10. This is a great option if you don’t want to spend much on this kind of device. However, its inexpensiveness can be felt with its low sound quality, as the speakers can easily be drowned out by road noise.

Sometimes the quality of the audio file affects the sound quality of this device, so it’s best to listen to high quality audio files to begin with. Despite its sound quality issues, this is highly recommended for its affordability.