Motorcycle Comparison

With so many different motorcycles on the market it can be hard to narrow down the type of bike you want to buy as well as what brand you want to get. There are motorcycle brands that have been around for many years and there are brand new motorcycle brands that still offer high quality.

Buying a cheap off name brand may give you a cheaper price but you may not get the prestige that you crave by having a bike that has a more well-known brand. It is important to remember that generally a sporty, fast bike is going to cost you more to maintain and repair should anything go wrong with the bike. Also you should note that the fancier your bike is, the more likely it is that you are going to get pulled over for something such as speeding.

Speeding or any driving offense for that matter is going to increase the cost of your insurance and it is going to stick with you on your driving record for quite some time. Getting into the particular types of bikes there are several to choose from and each of them have their own unique look and appeal.

One of the most expensive types of bikes on the market is a sport bike. These bikes are meant for speed and they have very quick engines built into them. It is important to note that with these types of bikes you are going to be paying a lot more for things like insurance, gas and parts.

This is the type of bike for people who like to show off, potentially do tricks and drive fast. The initial purchasing cost of bikes in this category is going to be a lot higher than almost any other category on the market but it is hard to pass up the sleek and professional design that these bikes bring to the table.

Another popular type of bike is a cruiser. These bikes are nothing like sport bikes and they aren’t designed to go nearly as fast as them. Typically these bikes have a high amount of torque, good brakes and good suspension. Most cruisers are low to the ground and don’t offer much in the way of good cornering because you can’t lean over nearly as far when you are riding these bikes. Fortunately there are also power cruiser bikes available on the market and although they come at generally a higher price, they do have some features that are lacking in the regular cruiser bikes. A power cruiser has more horsepower, things like upgraded suspension, better brakes, sit higher off of the ground and nicer more eye appealing finishes.

A standard bike is going to be one of the cheapest versions of the motorcycle available; although they likely won’t be as cheap as off road bikes in most cases.

These types of bikes generally have an upright seat position and have the bars placed at a low to medium height. You will find that the majority of these bikes have foot controls rather than hand controls and that these bikes generally have a single headlight on the front of them rather than two.

Generally seen as a beginner bike, these bikes use mid-range engines and therefore offer moderate speed. The price of these bikes is on the mediocre to low side of the market and goes up largely based on the manufacturer of the bike.

Off road bikes offer affordability that is unmatched by any other type of bike; although you still will find that off road bikes can reach the price point of a regular motorcycle depending on the engine and the manufacturer of the bike.

If you are racing professionally you will definitely be looking at a more expensive price tag in this category and also if you are someone who does stunts you will find that stunt bikes also sit at a higher price than a standard off road bike.

A popular type of bike is also an adventure bike; these types of bikes are larger and offer more storage space than the average bike. These types of bikes are not only used as daily driver’s but they are also used for a lot of off road biking.

These bikes generally offer a wide range of features and can vary in size as well as power by quite a bit. They are generally an average costing bike but you will find some very high end models as well as a few cheaper models available.

A touring bike is another popular type of bike available. Generally these types of bikes are considered among some of the most comfortable bikes available and are great for long trips and daily drives to and from work. These bikes also come in sport touring models which offer smoother and nicer handling, more speed and torque.

Generally a sport touring is a very light bike which really helps to make the bike easy to take corners with and makes for a smooth ride.

It can be quite difficult to narrow down all of your options and choose the bike that you want. It is important to consider what types of things you want to do with the bike as well as to set a budget aside for yourself; this will greatly help to narrow down your options.

It is always a good idea to research some of the brands you are interested in purchasing and see what types of bikes they offer. Not all of the big name manufacturers offer every kind of bike that is available and that is something that you should definitely keep in mind.

If you have been looking at a particular bike but can’t decide whether it is reliable and offers all of the features, power and performance that you are looking for; it is a good idea to look at reviews made from other buyers of the bike so that you can see potential downfalls of the bike as well as if it is going to meet your expectations. Best of luck!

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