How To Jumpstart A Motorcycle

If you are looking to jumpstart a vehicle the first thing you are going to need is booster cables. If you don’t have booster cables you are going to have a very difficult time and you may even end up electrocuting yourself.

It is very important to follow instructions step by step and it is always important to read into your manual to make sure that your motorcycle doesn’t have very specific instruction with regards to how to actually boost it.

Improper removal of a battery cover could result in damage to the battery as well as the cover itself. It is important to be careful whenever you are doing work on your bike because even small parts can be quite costly.

There are multiple things that you can use in order to jumpstart your battery. Using another vehicle or anther bike is the most common.

There are other things that you can use though, it is important to make sure that you are keeping things like water, metal and liquids away from the booster cables so that you don’t accidentally electrocute yourself. It is rather easy to electrocute yourself and a vehicle battery actually has a fair amount of power to it so it is important to stay careful.

The first step is to locate the vehicle you are boosting with and find the battery. Without a battery you will be unable to start the motorcycle. Next you need to remove the covers on both the batteries and get out your booster cables. Once you have your booster cable out you need to hook up the cables to the battery.

Make sure you match red to red on the battery and make sure that you match black to black. Once you match the cables up and make sure that both ends of the booster cables are properly connected to the metal prongs on the battery you are ready to proceed.

Once the cables are all hooked up and ready to go, get everyone nearby to stop touching the cables and stand back from the battery in case something goes wrong.

Get the vehicle with the working battery to start up their engine and wait from somewhere between 30 seconds to a minute; at this point you can hop on your motorcycle and attempt to start it.

If you are just turning over when you try and start up your motorcycle, your battery needs to be charged further otherwise you won’t be able to start up the vehicle. Once you start up your vehicle proceed to the next step.

The next thing you are going to want to do is remove the cables. This can actually be a rather dangerous task if you are not careful and you can wind up electrocuting yourself.

When you are taking the cables off be sure not to cross them or you will see sparks fly in between them. It is important to avoid touching the metal part of the cable and to only touch the rubber coating.

Once you have the cables removed you should then touch the cables together to remove any kind of electricity that is still remaining in the cables; again be sure to not let the cables touch your skin or you could end up hurting yourself. Once you have the cables removed then you simply have to put the cables back in the bag, put the covers back on the battery and you are good to go.

It is important to remember that if you shut off the vehicle that you just boosted without waiting for a length of time; the vehicle that you boosted may not have enough battery recharged in order to restart. If you do not have booster cables there is also a couple other things you can do to jumpstart your motorcycle.

One thing that you can do is to go out and buy a battery charger. You can leave this hooked up to your vehicle for a while if you know your battery is dead and it will charge it up for you. The good thing about these units is that they aren’t actually super expensive and they are quite reliable.

Some vehicles will likely have a harder time starting another vehicle than others will which is always something to think about. It really all depends on the size of the battery in the vehicle that is doing the boosting as well as the voltage of the battery itself.

If you are unable to get yourself a battery charger you can actually buy yourself a mini jump starter kit. These kits have a built in rechargeable battery and they actually work the same as hooking up your motorcycle to another vehicle. You simply put the cables on and wait for a bit while your battery recharges.

This is great for things such as going to the drive in, or if you are going somewhere that doesn’t have other vehicles. This device is simple and although it is going to cost you a fair bit more than regular booster cables, at least you don’t have to count on someone else to boost your motorcycle for you.

Although jumpstarting your motorcycle may seem like a simple task it is still a dangerous activity. If you have a weak heart or something like a pacemaker something as simple as boosting your car or motorcycle can actually kill you.

After you have a look in your owner’s manual to see how to get access to your battery you should always look into having one of these options available. You never know when you are going to accidentally leave a light on or have something drain your battery.

Leaving something in your vehicle can save you from a costly expense like calling a tow truck and a taxi back home. For the small investment that you need in order to get one of these devices it is well worth the peace of mind that these devices bring to the table.

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