Graffiti Street Art Gloss White Dual Visor Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Review

IV2’s latest helmet, their JX-F01 Series, may stand out more than most helmets. That’s because it prominently features a graffiti street art gloss design. Therefore, you might turn heads for reasons other than a loud tailpipe or revving your engine. But lest you think this helmet is designed for style only, the JX-F01 has enough substantial features that ensure it’s both fashionable and functional.


  •  – DOT (Department of Transportation) certified for utmost safety
  •  – Glove-friendly Easy Controls to lift and lower your visor anytime
  •  – Comes with an EPS impact Absorption inner layer to protect your head in case of accident
  •  – Lightweight High Pressure Thermoplastic Shell for both durability and ease of movement
  •  – Retractable Sun Visor Control for visibility in bright sunlight
  •  – Multiple air intakes and rear extractors for full ventilation
  •  – Cushioned interior lining for extra padding


EPS Impact Absorption Inner Layer

EPS is “Expanded Poly-Styrene”, a type of expandable foam that is inserted into head protection gear to absorb a significant amount of shock. This is exactly the type of material IV2 uses to manufacture the JX-F01.

Not only can it absorb a good amount of shock, it also does something special when under extreme pressure. It creates a type of crush pattern that prevents the helmet from cracking under the trauma of an accident.

Thermoplastic shell

The interior layer isn’t the only way the JX-F01 protects one’s head in case of impact. The thermoplastic shell around its exterior also goes a long way towards dispersing shock away from the point of impact.

Normally, helmets that have this capability are usually bulky and hard to swivel your head in. But the JX-F01 uses this lightweight thermoplastic version to both protect your head as well as increase its maneuverability.

Multiple Air intakes and Rear Ventilation

Another reason bikers are weary of helmets is how hot they can sometimes get. This increase of body temperature and subsequent sweating can become very irritating, causing wearers to want to make adjustments while on the road. This, obviously, can be very dangerous. This is why the JX-F01 comes with multiple air intake and rear air extractors to maintain airflow to your head, cooling you off and eliminating the need to adjust your helmet.

Graffiti Design

Finally, this model features a dazzling graffiti design that sets it apart from all other pretenders. Featuring vivid, urban-inspired air-brushed pictures on a white background, this helmet is meant to be striking and eye-catching.

Things to be Aware Of

Smaller than Labeled Sizes

This helmet tends to be a tight fit, as a size L tends to approximate more of an M size rather than be exactly as labeled. Therefore, it is best if those who are used to large helmets order the XL size as it is a more comfortable fit. This could cause issues for those used to XL and XXL sizes if they encounter limited availability of these versions.

Airflow Under the Visor

At speeds over 40 mph, some users on Amazon reported that airflow may seep underneath the visor if not properly secured. This could prove dangerous when traveling at high speeds if you experience this issue firsthand. This could cause the eyes to water and vision to be obscured. It’s recommended that you take extra care to properly secure your visor when you know for a fact that you’ll exceed 40 mph.

Foam lining

The foam interior is sufficient enough to cushion your head when in motion, but is rather thin compared to other similarly priced helmets. This gives the impression that IV2 has sacrificed additional comfort for affordability. Luckily, this thin layer of foam lining doesn’t detract from the helmets overall ability to provide impact protection.

Comparison with other products

A similar helmet, Bell’s Cam Adult Qualifier On-Road Motorcycle Helmet, stands in stark contrast to the JX-F01 in some ways while lacking in others. To be sure, the Cam Adult Qualifier is more expensive than IV2’s model and there are plenty of reasons why.

It has more accessories than the JX-F01 and many of them are more customizable as a result. But the JX-F01 seems designed for user safety and shock absorption rather than comfort.

This means that it’s much more preferable for those primarily concerned with impact protection and don’t feel the need for all those extra bells and whistles offered by other helmets like the Bell Cam Adult Qualifier.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. Due to this helmet’s affordability, it seems they might have slightly cut back on comfort and you may need to make sure this helmet’s visor is down when riding at high speeds. But it does provide ample crash protection upon impact in the case of an accident, which is a helmet’s primary purpose. That it does this extremely well while being stylish and inexpensive is just an added bonus to an already solid piece of head gear.