Custom Motorcycle Helmets

Have you ever wanted to design your motorcycle helmet according to your preference? If so, getting a custom motorcycle helmet is your solution.

Not only can you achieve the  design that you always wanted, but you can also customize the fit and features that you desire.

You can have your motorcycle helmets designed by a custom tailor or you can do it yourself if you want more freedom and have a limited budget.

The main purpose of a motorcycle helmet is to offer safety, that is to protect the driver against head injuries in the event of high-speed crashes.

Most helmets offer additional features, like ventilation, visors, and interior cushions. A custom motorcycle helmet has some design and structural differences, but it still serves its main purpose of head safety.

If you want to have your own custom motorcycle helmets, here are some options for you.

Put a decorative sticker on your motorcycle helmet

You can customize your existing motorcycle helmet by applying a decorative sticker. Decorative stickers can serve as a patch to cover any bad paint work or transform a simple helmet into a cool piece of gear. Here are some available stickers that you can use:

Reflective Motorcycle Helmet Decal Kit- Checkers-Black and Clear

If you want to look like a racer, you can choose this sticker which covers one full-face helmet. This sticker looks great on matte black helmets.

3-Yes It Goes Fast No You Can’t Ride It Helmet Stickers

If you want a statement sticker to decorate your helmet, then this is right for you. These stickers are made of vinyl.

Reflective Punisher Skull Helmet Decal

If you want to look edgy, use this sticker to enhance your helmet. The sticker is made of high-grade reflective vinyl.

Custom paint your motorcycle helmet

If you already have a motorcycle helmet, you can customize it with a new paint job. You can have it custom painted with airbrush or wet paint techniques.

You can ask someone to paint the helmet for you or you can do it yourself if you know how to paint. Before you begin painting, detach all unessential parts that you will not be painting, like the visor and interior pads.

Next, clean the exterior shell to eliminate dust and grease, and sand it with heavy-grit sandpaper. When all dust is removed and any extra paint is removed, you can apply the paint of your choice. Once it dries, add some designs and seal it with urethane.

Purchase custom helmets

If you do not want the hassle of making your own customized motorcycle helmet, you can actually buy one if you have the budget because they tend to be slightly pricey. Here are some wonderful helmets that you can choose.

Pro Predator Helmet Custom Motorcycle DOT Approved Helmet Airbrush J12

This helmet is perfect for those who want to look cool. Aside from its airbrushed paint, you can be assured of its high quality and distinctive visor that can be lifted up in one click.

With its DOT certification, you are guaranteed to be protected against head injuries in any collision situations. This custom helmet also comes with thick, lightweight, removable pads and a wide visor.

SY15 Custom Predator Motorcycle DOT Approved Helmet

The base of this helmet is DOT Approved meaning that it meets federal safety standards. For its visual parts, carbon great fibers are used for a more realistic look.

This helmet comes with a Red Tri-Laser light with on/off switch and a fixed visor. If you want to look unique, this custom helmet is right for you.

Black Reaper 3D Skull Motorcycle Helmet- Novelty Skeleton Custom Airbrushed Look Helmet

This custom helmet is made of a lightweight resilient shell. Its interior is cushioned with comfortable cotton fabric. It is built with clear lenses over the eye holes.

Unlike the other two custom helmets mentioned previously, this helmet is a novelty product that is not intended for protection. If you want to look badass, you can purchase this custom helmet at a low price.