How To Charge A Motorcycle Battery

There are many ways that you can charge up a motorcycle battery. It is important to remember that without a battery you are not going to be able to start your motorcycle.

When you are riding your motorcycle, unless it is purely an electric engine, the battery should charge up on its own when you are driving and you shouldn’t have to put some kind of electrical charger to it so long as you can actually get your motorcycle started. In saying that, if you have a dead battery you probably are going to want to charge it or boost your vehicle in order to get it back into drivable condition.

If your battery is constantly being drained it is important to be aware that you may have a battery problem and you should probably consider buying a new one so that you don’t have to deal with all of the hassle.

Driving your car around is the simplest way to charge a motorcycle battery. If you don’t have any power to get your motorcycle start in the first place you are going to have to first boost the battery in order to get it going. If you do not boost the battery you are either going to have to hook it up to some kind of a charger or just buy a new battery.

If you are unsure how to boost a battery, you first need a set of booster cables. A lot of cars actually come with these cables so it is a good idea to check your owner’s manual and make sure that they aren’t hidden somewhere in your car.

After you get the cables you need to find another vehicle that can boost your battery. This car needs to have a working battery of its own otherwise you will not be able to boost your vehicle.

Once you have a working battery, you then need to park the vehicle with the working battery within cable length of your motorcycle. Once you are at this stage take off the battery covers on both of the batteries in order to reveal the metal pins on the battery.

Next make sure to match up the red cord with the red cover on your battery or you can us plus and plus as a guideline. You are then ready to attach the cables to the battery. After doing so, start up the car or vehicle with the working battery and wait a few minutes to let the motorcycle battery charge.

You are then ready to start up the motorcycle. Once you get the motorcycle started, carefully remove the cables and be careful not to cross them over. Once the cables are removed touch the cables together to remove excess electricity and pack them away.

Although boosting a vehicle can seem like an easy task it is relatively dangerous because a vehicle battery does give off a fair amount of electricity. If you have never boosted a car before it is a good idea to watch a video of someone doing it first or have someone with you that has experience.

Always keep things like water and your hands away from the metal parts of the cable of the battery because you can get electrocuted quite fast if you aren’t paying enough attention to what you are doing.

Your battery can die for numerous reasons and over a long period of time it may not be a bad idea to replace your battery because it probably does not charge up nearly as well as when the battery was brand new.

It is important to check your battery levels if you have a reader or a gauge in your car so that you can see how well your battery is charging and holding power. A dead battery or a battery that is not holding its power very well is going to make it a lot more difficult for you to use things such as a gps, a charger to charge your phone, or other car electronics.

There are several jump starter kits that you can buy for your car in order to solve a dead battery issue and get your car back on the road again. It is important to do proper research into the jump kits because some of them will hold a charge a lot better than other ones will and they will also be able to boost your car more times before the actual jump starter kit needs recharged.

Fortunately the charger kits should hold their power for a great deal of time and if you charge it once and leave it in your vehicle for several years before use, you should still easily be able to boost your vehicle so long as none of the cables are broken and your battery is fine.

Another way that you can charge your battery is to use a household battery charger kit. These kits you can literally plug directly into the wall or any electrical outlet, hook them up to your battery and they will charge it. The nice thing about these kits is that you can leave them plugged into your vehicle overnight and you will not run into any issues with your battery.

These kits will cost you more money than your average set of booster cables, but you probably don’t want to leave booster cables attached to two cars for a long period of time. Doing so would be a waste of fuel and it would most definitely drain the battery down of the person who is doing the boosting.

It is always important to make sure that your battery is in proper working order; if you have a battery that is not working properly you could literally be left in the middle of nowhere, unable to move your car or charge your phone to contact someone.

It is not very hard to check and make sure your battery is working properly; if you notice that your car isn’t starting then that is probably a pretty good sign that something is wrong unless you have a problem with the actual starter itself.

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