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Cool Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycles are not only cool, but dangerous. And, let’s be honest, that’s part of the appeal. Bad boys, rock stars, those fellas’ that dive bomb from bridges into the abyss – the reckless rebels – those are the ones everyone remembers. They are, in essence, bottled adrenaline. And, the same can be said of the loveliest of gender.

This animalistic reaction, that draws us and seduces us, that makes us peer up at a mountain and discover a need to climb it, that plucks us in high school and makes us fall head-over-heel for that punk who we know will bring us nothing but heartache, isn’t just reserved for one sex; it goes both ways… need I mention Uma Thurman in Kill Bill?

Well, that same howl at the moon, that wolf hunger for danger, speed and thrills is the same clamor that lures us into buying a motorcycle. The problem, some quickly discover, is the fact that all sex-appeal is tossed out the window the second a helmet comes into play.

“Swat!” What little charisma the bike gave us is turned to mush once we go all Darth Vader. Some, like Uma, manage to pull off the look, but the rest lack her looks, the sparkle of Hollywood magic and the proper dose of a wicked soundtrack, plus the obligatory slow-mo tracking shot to sell the image.

Nonetheless, we have to protect ourselves… while looking cool; that last bit not only goes without saying, it’s paramount to the whole endeavor.

One way to protect yourself against the risks of riding a motorcycle is to wear a durable helmet. Due to the rise of motorcycle-related accidents, some countries have made it a requirement to wear a motorcycle helmet while riding.

Though protection is a must, looking cool is also a plus factor. However, the term “cool” is subjective. Whatever may be classified as cool by one person may not be the same for another.

Therefore, we will list some cool motorcycle helmets that possess both great designs and Department of Transportation (DOT) certification for guaranteed safety.

Some on this list are DIY made and later on packed and sold through different digital markets for the public’s consumption. And, just for the heck of it, some that don’t have that stamp of approval (DOT); so wear at your own risk and all that. And if these helmets are “too cool” for you you can check out some of the best motorcycle helmets on the homepage.

1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Scooter Open Face Helmet: 3D Skull Glossy Black

If you want to look badass with skull graphics, this item is suitable for you. This helmet doesn’t only look cool but it is also certified by DOT safety standards.

It is built with an advanced fast release buckle design for simple wear and secured attachment. Its shell is made of lightweight thermoplastic and alloy composite materials, which assure durability and aerodynamic design.

Its visual aesthetic is further enhanced by the beautiful glossy UV protective finish, which also protects the paint of the helmet from chipping. The pads placed as interior cushion are detachable and washable for convenient maintenance.

Nexx X60 Vintage Open Face Helmet

If you want a vintage look, choose this helmet which features a cream brown color. Aside from its great design, it is certified by both DOT and ECE 22-05 helmet safety standards.

Its covering is made of advanced thermal resin (ATR), while its visor is built with a PC Lexan design. A micrometric buckle is included to ensure that the helmet comfortably hugs your head.

Its removable lining pads are made of hypoallergenic materials that do not irritate the skin. With its open face design, you have access to as much ventilation as you want.

Bio-hazard Matte Black Dual Visor Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT

This helmet has great graphics which offer a cool contrast to its matte black color. Interestingly, this is an affordable option, even given its cool features and DOT certification.

Some noteworthy features include an enhanced flip up sun visor mechanism and an EPS Impact absorption inner liner. The shell of this helmet is also made of lightweight acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) composite materials.

Though fully enclosed when wearing it, this helmet is completely ventilated to promote better airflow throughout its interior.

Nutcase- Motorcycle/Scooter Helmet

This helmet gives off an authentic American driver look with a line of stars down the middle.

Like all other cool motorcycle helmets mentioned on this list, the Nutcase helmet is approved by both DOT and ECE helmet safety standards. To reduce the impact that you may encounter during high-speed crashes, an EPS foam liner is installed inside the helmet.

The shell is made with injection-molded ABS composite materials for durability. This helmet is built with a clear Anti-scratch and UV protective shield that protects your eyes from harmful sunlight.

It is also built with a fast pull-release buckle which can keep the helmet securely in place throughout the ride. It also has two front vents for more airflow.

Bell TT Adult Bullitt Sports Racing Motorcycle Helmet

The design of this helmet is inspired by the first Bell Star Helmet. It features an amazing fit and high-quality attributes. It is built with a bubble shield that gives it a vintage racing look.

Though your face will be fully enclosed, there is still enough air flow inside with its high-level ventilation system. The shell is made of super low-profile fiber composite.

The interior liners are detachable and can be washed when they get dirty, stopping the growth of bacteria that may cause allergies and infections.

Its chin strap is padded for extra comfort, and a stainless D-ring closure keeps the helmet securely in place. Most importantly, this helmet is certified under DOT safety standards.

If you want a retro look when riding your motorcycle, this helmet will do the trick for you.

Icon Pro- Ghost Helmet

Icon Airframe Pro Ghost Carbon Helmet

Credit: RevZilla

Let’s talk about this gray wonder. First of all, the BIG item that seals the deal… at reasonable price, this legendary company (Icon) has slashed the price on one of their big ticket items by a 100.

The Icon group are mythical in the helmet business. They do everything by the book, safety wise, and still manage to design a headdress that would have made King Arthur envious. This pretty lady is an upgrade of the Icon Airframe Ghost.

Fiberglass, Spectra, carbon fiber, the inlaid composite shell is strung together from the best stuff we managed to reverse engineer from the Roswell crash. Add a couple of vents, some fog-free (proprietary tech) Icon Optic shields and one heck of a sculpted neck roll and you suddenly have a helmet you can take home to mama.

Build for all sorts of motorcycles, but extremely comfortable in fast babies. A smooth aerodynamic finish for that perfect sport bike riding posture.


Moto Spartan

Credit: Outlet Moto

“This is Sparta!!!” Now, go fetch pointy a long spear, and waltz about searching for some Persian Invaders. This helmet was no doubt designed, manufactured and tossed into the fray by some twelve-year old with a Gerald Butler obsession. To that creative pre-teen Einstein, we in the motorcycle community tip our hats. Way to go kid! Just what my Peter Pan syndrome wanted.

At about a bit high price this saucy dame isn’t a steal, but it is dream come true. Who doesn’t want to charge headlong into battle, berserker still, while wearing a Kevlar reinforced, nylon inlaid, custom-painted (on request) helmet with a broom on its zenith?

Batman Arkham Knight Helmet

There is an old sayin’, one that was engraved on the third tablet; the very same one that slipped from Moises clumsy fingers. A proverb etched into stone by the all mighty himself. It goes, and I quote from scripture:

“Always be yourself, unless you can be Batman, then ALWAYS be Batman.”

At about medium price, this DOT certified (yes, I know it boggles the mind how it passed that high bar) has all the bells and whistles necessary to eat up whatever dough you have left after you bought your first bike.

This little beauty isn’t a hard sell… it’s rather simple, if you have a Y chromosome you’ll instantly fall in love with it. And, at least this is what our deluded Beta Male angel tells us, once this helmet is in our arsenal, all those of the double X chromosome persuasion will fall at our Affleck like feet.

Bell Rogue Helmet

What happens when a lowly Stormtropper – no doubt doing his best to climb the Imperial company ladder – sucks up to his boss and buys that man a BluRay copy of Mad Max Fury Road? The answer is two fold:

Number One: Bell Rogue Motorcycle Helmets Spring catalogue.

Number Two: a confused Emperor asking Darth Vader: “what the hell did you do to your helmet? Really, Anakin, stop being so susceptible.”

The Rogue is structured from a lightweight helmet base, with the ever trusty plush interior lining. That last bit is removable, so you can give it a thorough cleaning the second it starts giving funky a new more “cheesy” definition. It also has an adjustable muzzle, that detaches with FidLock magnetic connector.

Now, the cool thing about Rogue helmets is the fact that the company not only knows but encourages bikers to hack their stuff. They made a helmet with a finish perfectly designed for personal flair on the riders part.

Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet

You know how I talked and wrote and wailed about the hidden commandment, well, there’s a clause. It’s a new one, mind you, recently greased through the Heavenly Congress and passed with an unanimous vote for its immediate enforcement.

“Yada, yada, yada, ALWAYS be Batman… Unless you can be Iron Man. If that lucky coincidence happens, simply flip a coin and allow destiny to figure out your comic alliance.”

Approved by The Avengers, Stark Industries and DOT this little beauty has everything you need in order to make a grand entrance at your town’s annual Comic Con. The nice thing about the Iron Man Helmet is the fact that it comes in different styles: The original March- IV, the War Machine, and The Iron Patriot.

At 229 bucks, this baby deserves a place hanging by your bike handles.

Predator Helmet

Those crazy Russians! If you want insanity, copyright infringement, and vodka dazed ideals then  look no further than our old Cold War enemies. At 700 dollars, the Predator helmet first debuted in “Motherland”.

Inspired by Arnie’s awesome film and that clear spirit that sparks the creative juices up north, the original (crappy one) has been redesigned by Val Verde’s finest technicians and it rapidly obtained that nagging DOT stamp.

Custom Motorcycle Helmets

Have you ever wanted to design your motorcycle helmet according to your preference? If so, getting a custom motorcycle helmet is your solution.

Not only can you achieve the  design that you always wanted, but you can also customize the fit and features that you desire.

You can have your motorcycle helmets designed by a custom tailor or you can do it yourself if you want more freedom and have a limited budget.

The main purpose of a motorcycle helmet is to offer safety, that is to protect the driver against head injuries in the event of high-speed crashes.

Most helmets offer additional features, like ventilation, visors, and interior cushions. A custom motorcycle helmet has some design and structural differences, but it still serves its main purpose of head safety.

If you want to have your own custom motorcycle helmets, here are some options for you.

Put a decorative sticker on your motorcycle helmet

You can customize your existing motorcycle helmet by applying a decorative sticker. Decorative stickers can serve as a patch to cover any bad paint work or transform a simple helmet into a cool piece of gear. Here are some available stickers that you can use:

Reflective Motorcycle Helmet Decal Kit- Checkers-Black and Clear

If you want to look like a racer, you can choose this sticker which covers one full-face helmet. This sticker looks great on matte black helmets.

3-Yes It Goes Fast No You Can’t Ride It Helmet Stickers

If you want a statement sticker to decorate your helmet, then this is right for you. These stickers are made of vinyl.

Reflective Punisher Skull Helmet Decal

If you want to look edgy, use this sticker to enhance your helmet. The sticker is made of high-grade reflective vinyl.

Custom paint your motorcycle helmet

If you already have a motorcycle helmet, you can customize it with a new paint job. You can have it custom painted with airbrush or wet paint techniques.

You can ask someone to paint the helmet for you or you can do it yourself if you know how to paint. Before you begin painting, detach all unessential parts that you will not be painting, like the visor and interior pads.

Next, clean the exterior shell to eliminate dust and grease, and sand it with heavy-grit sandpaper. When all dust is removed and any extra paint is removed, you can apply the paint of your choice. Once it dries, add some designs and seal it with urethane.

Purchase custom helmets

If you do not want the hassle of making your own customized motorcycle helmet, you can actually buy one if you have the budget because they tend to be slightly pricey. Here are some wonderful helmets that you can choose.

Pro Predator Helmet Custom Motorcycle DOT Approved Helmet Airbrush J12

This helmet is perfect for those who want to look cool. Aside from its airbrushed paint, you can be assured of its high quality and distinctive visor that can be lifted up in one click.

With its DOT certification, you are guaranteed to be protected against head injuries in any collision situations. This custom helmet also comes with thick, lightweight, removable pads and a wide visor.

SY15 Custom Predator Motorcycle DOT Approved Helmet

The base of this helmet is DOT Approved meaning that it meets federal safety standards. For its visual parts, carbon great fibers are used for a more realistic look.

This helmet comes with a Red Tri-Laser light with on/off switch and a fixed visor. If you want to look unique, this custom helmet is right for you.

Black Reaper 3D Skull Motorcycle Helmet- Novelty Skeleton Custom Airbrushed Look Helmet

This custom helmet is made of a lightweight resilient shell. Its interior is cushioned with comfortable cotton fabric. It is built with clear lenses over the eye holes.

Unlike the other two custom helmets mentioned previously, this helmet is a novelty product that is not intended for protection. If you want to look badass, you can purchase this custom helmet at a low price.

1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Full Face Helmet Review

The 1Storm motorcycle helmet is known for its beautiful and sleek exterior finish.

Its shell is UV protected, which makes it perfect for long motorcycle rides under the hot rays of the sun. It is built with a great ventilation system that allows enough air to flow inside the helmet.

Additionally, it is created with a modern modular/flip design which is a great option for those who want two helmet styles.


  • Department of Transportation (DOT) certified, indicating that it has passed the DOT safety standards for motorcycle helmets
  • Built-in modular/flip design for versatility and convenience
  • Made with a dual lens design: inner smoked lens and outer clear shield
  • The shell is made of lightweight thermoplastic and alloy composite for lightweight and aerodynamic purposes
  • Coated with a beautiful and sleek UV protective finish for protection against the sun
  • Detachable and washable padding for better maintenance that deters the growth of bacteria
  • Designed with seven vents for better airflow


Versatile flip up design

The outer clear shield of this helmet can be lifted to expose your face for more ventilation. If you like to take snacks on your ride, you do not need to remove your helmet to eat, rather lift the front to eat comfortably.

In the morning, you can use the sun shield visor to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. At night, you can retract it to see the road clearly.

Great outer clear shield protection

When you put this helmet on, you can shut yourself off from the noise of the motorcycle engine and the strong wind that you experience along the road.

The clear shield can even be locked down so that less wind is heard inside. The clear shield also keeps the rain from penetrating the interior of the helmet. Therefore, the helmet can be used even in bad weather because it offers protection against the rain.

Quite affordable

This helmet is priced quite affordably, which makes it a great purchase for those who want to be protected while riding their motorcycles. This price gets you many benefits and plenty of satisfaction.

This makes this helmet an ideal choice for those who have a tighter budget but still want guaranteed protection on the road.


The materials used for the shell are composite materials of alloy and thermoplastics. Together, they create a lightweight and aerodynamic design like no other.

It can move with less drag while you drive fast against the wind. Since this helmet is DOT approved, you can be assured that you have the protection you need when riding a motorcycle.


Size runs too small

Some customers have disclosed that the sizes are smaller than the standard ones offered on the market. As a result, you should double your actual head size to get the right fit.

Better yet, measure your head size before buying this helmet. If you would like to be precise with the measurements, you can opt for other brands which offer the standard sizes of helmets, like the Power Gear Motorsport Motorcycle Street Bike helmet.

Sun visor is not tinted

A few customers note that the sun visor does not have enough tint to protect the eyes from the glare of the sun. It also exposes their faces more. If you take issue with these features you can try other brands which offer tinted visors, like the Duke Helmets DK-120 motorcycle helmet.

Loose liners

Some users have issues regarding the liners becoming loose frequently. This could happen due to the fact that the liners are engineered to be removable.

If they are fastened permanently into the interior of the helmet it is difficult to remove them and wash them when they get dirty. However, if you would like to have the liners fixed into the helmet, choose a brand that offers such a feature, like the Daytona Helmets skull cap.

Comparison with other products

The 1Storm Motorcycle helmet has a modular flip up visor and dual lens design which is not offered by its competitor, the Power Gear Motorcycle Street Bike helmet.However, the 1Storm helmet runs smaller than its competing brand.

The 1Storm helmet offers a visor that is not offered by the Daytona Helmets Skull Cap. However, the Daytona Helmets may provide a slimmer design which is not offered by the 1Storm helmet.


The 1Storm motorcycle helmet is ideal for those who want a full face helmet at a low price.

Despite its affordability, its quality is not compromised and it has DOT certification which guarantees protection against strong impact collisions. You also get a comfortable and functional flip up visor with this helmet.

Power Gear Motorsports Motorcycle Street Helmet Review

The Motorcycle Street Bike helmet is created with an aerodynamic design which allows it to move swiftly together with the high speed of your motorcycle.

It does not drag your speed while moving against the wind. It is designed with a matte solid black color that looks cool when you wear it.

This helmet is built with heavy cushioning to offer comfort when wearing it all day long.


  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Approved , guaranteeing to protect against head injuries
  • Shell is made of lightweight thermoplastic and alloy composite for resilience
  • Detachable and washable interior pads for better hygiene and maintenance
  • Coated with a UV protective finish to protect paint from chipping
  • Size ranges from 20 inches to 22 inches
  • Built-in tinted visor protects eyes from dust
  • Built with a matte solid black design for a cool aesthetic
  • Weight: 5 pounds


Great padding design and quality

The pads are thick enough to give a cushion against pressure points that may develop after long-term use. The pads feel comfortable when they touch your face.

They are detachable so that you can wash them when they get dirty after regular use. This feature helps maintain the high quality of pads for many years to come.


This helmet has a very low price, which makes it affordable for anyone who wants a DOT certified motorcycle helmet.

With this affordable price, you can get the protection that you need when driving your motorcycle. The helmet’s affordability makes it ideal for those who are on a tight budget but still want to achieve optimum protection while on the road.

Noise Reduction

This helmet reduces the noise from the motorcycle when revving up. The full face design keeps everything quiet, which enhances comfort and concentration when riding down the road.

The vents do not produce a whistling sound when riding your motorcycle fast.

Sturdy and aerodynamic

The composite materials used by this helmet enhance sturdiness during major impacts from high-speed crashes. This feature is guaranteed by its approval from the DOT safety standards.

The matte black paint is ensured to last a long time, along with the UV protection finish added to the helmet’s shell.

Additionally, the aerodynamic capacity of the product alleviates the drag that might be caused by the wind that you experience on the road.


Dark and bad glare visor

A few customers say that the visor is too dark for their liking. If struck by direct sunlight, it can give a bad glare on the interior of the helmet.

This kind of glare can be dangerous on the road. At night, the visor seems to be useless because it makes it difficult for you to see the road clearly.

To solve this problem, you can use a clear visor or wear sunglasses underneath the visor. You can also lift up the visor when you ride at night and use a regular pair of goggles instead.

You can also try other brands, like the Duke Helmets DK-120 which offers a clear visor instead of a tinted visor.

Helmet size looks bulky

Some customers noted that the size of the helmet was too large for their preference. Due to the bulky size of the helmet, they seem to look awkward when wearing it.

To prevent this problem, make sure to get the right fit for you. Get the right measurements by using a tape measure to determine the size of your head. If you prefer a slimmer design, you can choose the Daytona Helmets motorcycle brand.

Lacks a chin strap feature

There is a small percentage of customers who find the product inferior due to its lack of a chin strap that keeps the helmet well secured. If you prefer a helmet with a chin strap, you can try the Duke Helmets DK-120.

Comparison with other products

As compared to the Daytona Helmets skull cap, the Motorcycle Street Bike helmet offers more head protection at almost the same price.

However, the Daytona Helmets skull cap offers a slimmer design than the Motorcycle Street Bike helmet.

Furthermore, the Motorcycle Street Bike helmet lacks the chin strap and clear visor features offered by the Duke Helmets DK-120, but it is cheaper in comparison.


The Motorcycle Street Bike helmet is preferred due to its affordable price and full face protection coverage. With its built-in visor, you can protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

You are guaranteed to have effective protection against head injuries due to its DOT safety standard approval. Though it lacks a chin strap feature, this helmet still offers more features than its price.

Bell Cam Adult Qualifier On-Road Motorcycle Helmet Review

Bell is synonymous with some of the best designed sports gear available. Their most recent motorcycle helmet, the Cam Adult Qualifier On-Road helmet, continues this fine tradition. Though it does come at a steeper price than other comparable helmets from other companies, it more than justifies its hefty price tag when it come to customization and comfort while still providing maximum impact protection


  • Aerodynamic design for stability and less drag at high speeds
  • Adjustable ventilation design for comfort and cooling
  • Poly-carbonate, lightweight shell
  • NutraFog II anti-scratch, anti-fog visor with UV protection
  • Integrated speakers for audio input devices like MP3 player or FM/AM radio
  • Department of Transportation certified for utmost protection
  • Removable, washable inner lining with anti-bacterial protection
  • Padded wind collar for wind and noise reduction
  • ClickRelease shield for tool-free, easy shield changing


Excellent Shield Visor Design

This helmet features a NutraFog II shield visor. These are especially useful for providing UV protection from the sun and aids in preventing scratching and fogging up. This is through a special coating that prevents condensation from accumulating on the inside as heat builds up when worn for extended periods of time.

Customized Venting

Too much heat may not even be an issue with this model. Bell has designed this helmet with an adjustable ventilation system that can control the amount of heat released and thus creates a cooler and more comfortable experience.

Aerodynamic Design

Helmets that are hard to steady at high speeds may not be made with aerodynamics in mind. Such unwieldy and bulky helmets are not only unstable at high speeds, they can often slow you down and cause inefficient fuel consumption. Bell takes this into consideration and has made their Cam Adult Qualifier as aerodynamic as possible in order to ensure that you can keep your head steady at high speeds with minimal drag.

Integrated Audio Speakers

Even more revolutionary is the audio input jack just beneath the visor. This is connects to integrated left and right speakers near your ears so you can listen to the radio or your MP3 player while riding. Though it’s not recommended for use while among other cars on the road due to the fact that you might not hear a horn honking warning you of impending danger, they’re perfect for the track or road when no one else is nearby.

Padded Wind Collar

One of the biggest issues for motorcycle riders at high speeds is too much wind and noise. The padded wind collar that Bell has included with this model is excellent at reducing wind resistance around your head as well as lessening the amount of noise you hear at high speeds.

Things to be Aware Of

Hefty Price Tag

With the brand recognition of Bell Sports Corp, you’d expect that this name would come at a high price point. Indeed, this model is twice the amount of similar products from their competitors. It’s a good thing it comes with many features, otherwise you might feel cheated.

Clear, not tinted, Visor

Though the shield provides excellent UV protection from sunlight, it’s clear rather than tinted. This means that you might be blinded by bright sunlight if you’re not wearing sunglasses. This may be rather difficult for those who prefer a snug fit when it comes to their bike helmets.

Cheek Padding Compression

This problem with the visor is further exacerbated by the fact that the padding around the cheek tends to compress easily and can start to feel loose after extended periods of use. This effect becomes more pronounced for daily users. You could buy a smaller size to fit more snugly, though this would make wearing sunglasses difficult.

Comparison with other products

A similar helmet, the JX-F01 from competing helmet manufacturer IV2, is much more affordable and comes with a tinted visor. But this is where negative comparisons end, as both provide fantastic impact protection. Bell’s offering also has more customization features and thus more innovation.

Also, while the Cam Adult Qualifier tends to be too loose, the JX-F01 is reportedly too small for its labeled size. This means that you might have to order a size smaller, rather than one size larger like you would for the JX-F01.Although you’re paying more for Bell’s helmet, you get more for your money.

Bottom Line

This raises an interesting final question: if safety concerns are not an issue, which would you prefer? Would you like a cheaper helmet that fits more snugly but has less customized features or would you instead prefer a pricier model that has more bells and whistles to provide a more interesting and smoother experience on the road? If your answer was the latter, then the Bell Cam Adult Qualifier On-Road Motorcycle Helmet is exactly the kind of helmet you’re looking for.

Graffiti Street Art Gloss White Dual Visor Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Review

IV2’s latest helmet, their JX-F01 Series, may stand out more than most helmets. That’s because it prominently features a graffiti street art gloss design. Therefore, you might turn heads for reasons other than a loud tailpipe or revving your engine. But lest you think this helmet is designed for style only, the JX-F01 has enough substantial features that ensure it’s both fashionable and functional.


  •  – DOT (Department of Transportation) certified for utmost safety
  •  – Glove-friendly Easy Controls to lift and lower your visor anytime
  •  – Comes with an EPS impact Absorption inner layer to protect your head in case of accident
  •  – Lightweight High Pressure Thermoplastic Shell for both durability and ease of movement
  •  – Retractable Sun Visor Control for visibility in bright sunlight
  •  – Multiple air intakes and rear extractors for full ventilation
  •  – Cushioned interior lining for extra padding


EPS Impact Absorption Inner Layer

EPS is “Expanded Poly-Styrene”, a type of expandable foam that is inserted into head protection gear to absorb a significant amount of shock. This is exactly the type of material IV2 uses to manufacture the JX-F01.

Not only can it absorb a good amount of shock, it also does something special when under extreme pressure. It creates a type of crush pattern that prevents the helmet from cracking under the trauma of an accident.

Thermoplastic shell

The interior layer isn’t the only way the JX-F01 protects one’s head in case of impact. The thermoplastic shell around its exterior also goes a long way towards dispersing shock away from the point of impact.

Normally, helmets that have this capability are usually bulky and hard to swivel your head in. But the JX-F01 uses this lightweight thermoplastic version to both protect your head as well as increase its maneuverability.

Multiple Air intakes and Rear Ventilation

Another reason bikers are weary of helmets is how hot they can sometimes get. This increase of body temperature and subsequent sweating can become very irritating, causing wearers to want to make adjustments while on the road. This, obviously, can be very dangerous. This is why the JX-F01 comes with multiple air intake and rear air extractors to maintain airflow to your head, cooling you off and eliminating the need to adjust your helmet.

Graffiti Design

Finally, this model features a dazzling graffiti design that sets it apart from all other pretenders. Featuring vivid, urban-inspired air-brushed pictures on a white background, this helmet is meant to be striking and eye-catching.

Things to be Aware Of

Smaller than Labeled Sizes

This helmet tends to be a tight fit, as a size L tends to approximate more of an M size rather than be exactly as labeled. Therefore, it is best if those who are used to large helmets order the XL size as it is a more comfortable fit. This could cause issues for those used to XL and XXL sizes if they encounter limited availability of these versions.

Airflow Under the Visor

At speeds over 40 mph, some users on Amazon reported that airflow may seep underneath the visor if not properly secured. This could prove dangerous when traveling at high speeds if you experience this issue firsthand. This could cause the eyes to water and vision to be obscured. It’s recommended that you take extra care to properly secure your visor when you know for a fact that you’ll exceed 40 mph.

Foam lining

The foam interior is sufficient enough to cushion your head when in motion, but is rather thin compared to other similarly priced helmets. This gives the impression that IV2 has sacrificed additional comfort for affordability. Luckily, this thin layer of foam lining doesn’t detract from the helmets overall ability to provide impact protection.

Comparison with other products

A similar helmet, Bell’s Cam Adult Qualifier On-Road Motorcycle Helmet, stands in stark contrast to the JX-F01 in some ways while lacking in others. To be sure, the Cam Adult Qualifier is more expensive than IV2’s model and there are plenty of reasons why.

It has more accessories than the JX-F01 and many of them are more customizable as a result. But the JX-F01 seems designed for user safety and shock absorption rather than comfort.

This means that it’s much more preferable for those primarily concerned with impact protection and don’t feel the need for all those extra bells and whistles offered by other helmets like the Bell Cam Adult Qualifier.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. Due to this helmet’s affordability, it seems they might have slightly cut back on comfort and you may need to make sure this helmet’s visor is down when riding at high speeds. But it does provide ample crash protection upon impact in the case of an accident, which is a helmet’s primary purpose. That it does this extremely well while being stylish and inexpensive is just an added bonus to an already solid piece of head gear.

Daytona Helmets Slim Line Skull Cap D.O.T. 1/2 Shell Helmet Motorcycle Helmet Review

The Daytona Helmets Slim Line Skull Cap Helmet offers a slim design, and a smooth and contoured shell that hugs your head just right.

It reduces the mushroom look that results from wearing a half-shell helmet. Its interior is extremely comfortable, while its exterior is made with a soft touch dull finish.

You can choose from various sizes from 2XS to XL. These size variations ensure that you can choose the helmet that fits you right.


  • Meets or surpasses the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 218 set by the US Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Built-in Nylon Y-Strap Retention System with Sliding Adjuster for customized fit
  • Recessed trim enhances the sleek design
  • Contoured shell and narrowed look suit your head just right
  • Super low profile shell reduces the mushroom look
  • Custom formed interior enhances comfort
  • Nickel Plated Rolled Tubular Steel Rivets fasten all the parts together
  • Moisture Wicking Fabric gives more comfort and coolness to your head
  • Designed with a dull black finish
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds


Lightweight slim design

This product is known as the smallest half shell helmet certified by the DOT. It weighs around 2.4 pounds which is light enough to be placed on your head for a long day’s ride.

Its slim design provides a great alternative to those who do not want to wear bulky helmets.

Fits just right

This helmet comes in various sizes which you can choose from to fit your head size. When you wear the helmet, it sits down on your head comfortably.

The contoured shell ensures that the helmet fits your head snugly without feeling any pressure points. Moreover, the Nylon Y-strap allows you to finely position the helmet securely on your head while driving your motorcycle.

Cool and cozy

The interior of this helmet is made of moisture wicking fabric which absorbs sweat effectively. This feature keeps you cool throughout the ride.

The interior is made of pads that cushion your head from pressure points. The helmet is structured with a half face design, which lets the wind cool you down all throughout the ride. This helmet has superior ventilation.


Since this helmet is DOT certified, it can be assured that it gives your head the right protection when faced with fatal accidents.

To pass the DOT standards, the helmet must display enough strength to endure any crash impacts that a driver may suffer. Therefore, this product is strong enough to protect you from head injuries during crashes.


Doesn’t come with a visor

Some customers complain that this model does not include a visor. This is a shortcoming considering the other brands which offer a complete package of helmet gear.

If you want some eye protection, you can wear goggles together with the helmet. You can also try other brands which offer a built-in visor, like the Duke Helmets DK-120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet.

Lacks full face protection coverage

A few customers have felt unsafe due to the fact that this product only offers protection on the top of your head. This is usually expected because the helmet is built with a half-face design.

If you want full protection for your face, you can opt for a full-face designed helmet, like the Motorcycle Street Bike Full Face Adult Helmet.

Gives a mushroom effect

Some customers have issues with the fit of the helmet because they think it results in a mushroom effect. The mushroom effect usually happens if you do not choose the right size for you.

To get the right fit, measure your head and get the right size that suits your head circumference. To avoid a mushroom effect, you can also try a full-face helmet like the 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Full Face Helmet.

Comparison with other products

Duke Helmets DK-120

Both the Daytona half face helmet and Duke Helmets DK-120 have passed the DOT standards. However, the Daytona helmet lacks the visor that the Duke Helmets DK-120 offers.

Nevertheless, the Daytona helmet is more lightweight than its counterpart.

Motorcycle Street Bike Full Face Adult Helmet

In comparison to the Motorcycle Street Bike Full Face Adult Helmet, the Daytona helmet lacks the aerodynamic design that its competitor offers.

Though both helmets have comfortable interior cushions, the pads installed by its competitor are washable and detachable.

Nevertheless, the Daytona Helmets Slim Line Skull Cap Helmet offers more ventilation than its rival product.


Daytona Helmets Slim Line Skull Cap Helmet is a great buy if you want a highly ventilated and strong motorcycle helmet. With its DOT approval, you can trust its protection capability.

This model will suit you if you like a helmet that does not hide your face fully. Though this model lacks a visor, you can trust its protection and comfort.