BILT Techno Bluetooth Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet Review

The BILT Techno helmet is a technologically advanced unit, thanks to its integrated DWO-3 Bluetooth system, which allows you take calls hands-free.

You can also connect with other people who use the same helmet model. This greatly enhances your communication system while on the road.

You can also stream and listen to music through its built-in Deal speakers. More than these modern features, you all also enjoy its other excellent features like a good ventilation system, a tinted sun shield, and DOT approval.

You certainly can get convenience, comfort, and hands-free communication into one strong helmet.

Features of the BILT Techno Bluetooth Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet:

  • Polycarbonate shell for strength and durability
  • Metallic paint and flat matte finish for a simple design
  • Built-in DWO-3 Bluetooth system provides hands-free mobile phone communication, MP3 streaming, GPS driving instructions, and intercom communication
  • Built-in poseable mic assists in taking voice calls
  • Built-in rechargeable battery powers the Bluetooth device
  • Removable liner can be washed
  • Drop-down tinted sun shield protects the eyes from sunlight
  • Quick release locking visor for easy replacement of shield without the need for tools
  • Adjustable chin vents for better airflow and metal back exhaust vents to let warm air out
  • Chin deflector Double D-ring safety closure securely affixes the helmet into the head
  • DOT Approved, indicating a conformance to DOT helmet safety requirements

Benefits of the BILT Techno Bluetooth Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet:

Great communication system

This helmet allows you to answer or reject calls through its Bluetooth technology. Just link your phone to the helmet via Bluetooth and you can take calls while riding your motorcycle.

Its built-in mic allows your caller to listen to your voice clearly – your caller might never even know you’re on the road.

You can also talk to you fellow riders through the intercom system, which comes in handy when riding with friends and family.

Clear sound quality

Two speakers are built in the helmet to allow you to listen to music comfortably. The sound quality produced is clear enough to block the road and wind noise outside.

This is a great essential if you run into traffic. With just a hookup to your audio device, you can stream music all ride long.

Good compatibility

This helmet is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device. You can connect smartphones, iPods, and similar helmet models.

If you like to take calls, connect the helmet with your mobile phone. If you like to listen to music, connect your helmet to your iPod. If you like to talk with other drivers, connect each other’s helmet systems together.

Great protection security

You can be secured that you will be protected in times of accidents because this helmet is DOT certified, built to protect your head against injuries in the event of a high speed crash.

The polycarbonate shell is durable enough to withstand impacts, while the liner is soft enough to cushion your head against any falls. Your eyes will be shielded from any foreign objects with the helmet’s drop down tinted visor.

Things to be Aware Of:

High wind noise

A few customers have complained that the wind noise seem to drown out the speakers of the helmet. This makes calls a little unnerving because you can’t hear the person on the other end.

You can reduce the wind noise by closing the helmet’s vents. You can also position the speaker in line with your ear so that you can hear more clearly.

You may find the sound is too low because the speaker is too far from your ears.

Size is too small

Some customers complained that the size of this helmet seemed too small for standard sizes. The interior is also shallow, making it hard your head to fit snugly into the helmet.

To avoid size issues, don’t depend on standard sizes alone. Make sure that you measure your head accordingly before selecting the best helmet size that offers the same dimensions of your head.

You may not know it, what you always believe to be medium may fall to the XL size for this helmet.

Better yet, go to some of your nearest helmet stores and try the helmet personally. In this way, you’ll know which size really fits you.

Hard control buttons

A small number of customers have issues with the control buttons because they need to be pressed hard.

This is especially true if the helmet is still new, as the buttons are still too stiff to respond to a light touch. Many counsel patience, as the buttons will eventually loosen up over time.

Comparison with other products

The BILT Techno is slightly more expensive than the LS2 Helmet Strobe, but it has great advanced features that its counterpart doesn’t offer.

Such advanced features include Bluetooth technology, speakers, and a microphone. A tinted visor is also included by BILT Techno, while its counterpart only comes with a clear shield.

In comparison to the Bell Solid Adult Qualifier, the BILT Techno is still superior in terms of advanced featured and design. While the BILT Techno is highlighted with metallic paint graphics, the Bell Solid Qualifier is only painted a matte black color.

However, the BILT Techno lacks the aerodynamic design that its counterpart offers. Nonetheless, both helmets offer a DOT certification, which means both are great protective helmets.

Bottom Line:

The BILT Techno helmet is an affordable product for a Bluetooth capacity model. If you like to take voice calls hands-free, then you need to have this helmet.

You also won’t need to buy a separate headset, since it comes with a built-in speaker, making it easy to stream to music all you want.

Though you may hear some wind noise, this product is still highly recommended for its price and great advanced features.