Best Scooter Helmets

Like motorcycles and bikes, scooters also require some helmet protection for recreational riders. Scooter helmets usually appear more slim and lightweight than motorcycle helmets.

Most of them are built in the open face helmet style while others have a half face helmet style. No matter what helmet style you choose though, it is essential that your scooter helmet must offer the proper protection in the event of a low speed crash.

The helmet must be durable enough to protect your skull if you fall from your scooter for instance.

Due to the many kinds of helmets on the market now, the majority of scooter drivers are uncertain of what to look for when selecting a helmet.

To help you select the perfect scooter helmet that’s best for you, make sure to consider the its fit, design, and color. A good scooter helmet must offer the right fit to stay on your head while driving.

You might also consider a brightly colored helmet or one designed with reflective materials to make you visible when riding at night. For better buying decisions, here are some of the best scooter helmets to consider.

Docooler Leather Motorcycle Goggles Vintage Scooter Touring Helmet

This helmet protects your head well while looking cool with its vintage style. The front of this helmet has 3 buttons can be used to affix a helmet visor to shield your eyes against the hot rays of the sun.

Together with the helmet, UV anti-fog goggles are included to offer additional eye protection. Aside from the functionality of the goggles, this helmet offers a unique piece for your scooter rides.

When you feel cold during the winter, you can use the leather scarf to keep you warm, and during the summer you can remove it to keep you cool. This makes this helmet versatile for all types of seasons.

At 1.7 pounds this item is super light, which may be its greatest feature aside from a great vintage design. As compared to usual bicycle helmets,

this product has great padding which can offer maximum comfort if it’s going to be worn for a long time. The pads also act as additional cushioning if you ever fall from your scooter.

Though this helmet may not be DOT certified, it offers a great retro style for everyday riding use.

Raider Deluxe Open Face Helmet

Unlike many other scooter helmets in the same price range, this item is DOT approved – which indicates its conformance to US Federal helmet safety standards.

It includes a snap off visor which can be used to protect your eyes from the blinding glare of the sun. To allow you to keep cool on warm days, a dual forehead vent is integrated into this helmet.

It also includes an optional zippered neck curtain which you can use for neck protection against harsh weather while on the road.

A chinstrap is also included to keep the helmet secure on your head. The interior is adequately cushioned to make you comfortable. With its full black paint job, it complements well to any color of your scooter.

However, the dark color makes you less visible at night. It also weighs a little heavier compared to scooter helmets which are not DOT certified; this could be because the helmet is made with more cushioning and a thicker shell material to keep it resistant from fall impacts.

Overall, this scooter helmet is a great bargain for those who want a DOT certified helmet.

GLX Open Face Dual Visor Scooter Helmet

The shell of this helmet is made of thermoplastic, which is tested to resist any high impact. It includes a SunShield which is smoke-tinted to protect your eyes while still providing clear road visibility.

The shield works great in protecting your eyes against the glaring sun, flying insects, and rain. A fast release strap system is designed to easily slip into and out of the helmet.

The strap also keeps the helmet securely in place on your head even when you’re in motion. Its interior is extremely cushioned to make you comfortable.

More significantly, it has passed and surpassed safety standards set by the DOT.

Though this helmet offers a great fit and good protection, some customers complained that the shield scratches easily and fog easily forms on it, which can block your view of the road.

Nevertheless, many customers are happy with the interior comfort that they receive from this helmet.

ScooterPartsDepot Scooter PILOT Open Face Helmet

This item is DOT approved, which means that it provides the right kind of head protection in the event you’ll ever need it. Its shell is durable, lightweight and resilient.

Interior pads are installed to make it comfortable while on your head. It includes a clear visor which can be flipped up when you want more ventilation.

You can flip down the visor when you want to be protected against the cold wind and glaring sunlight.

At 4 pounds, some customers have found this product a bit heavy for their preference. Though it may be a bit weighty, it is not necessarily a deal breaker – it offers a high impact protection against incidents if you ever fall from your scooter.