Best Motorcycle For Beginners

The best motorcycle for beginners could vary depending on how much experience you have with riding a bike; have you rode a bike with no motor?

Are you comfortable driving a bike at high speeds? Do you know how to turn a bike properly and do you want a bike with the controls on the handles or controls on the floor so that you drive the bike around using your foot like a car. These are questions that you really want to think about before you buy a bike.

If you have never even ridden a bike before it may be a good idea to test drive one or ask to borrow a friend’s bike so that you don’t waste your money on something that you don’t like driving around in the first place. The best type of bike for a beginner motorcycle owner is generally a standard motorcycle.

Some of the features are:

  • A standard motorcycle generally has a lot cheaper price point than a lot of the other motorcycles that are on the market.
  • You can still find standard motorcycles that have large engines in them and that are fast.
  • These bikes are not very heavy which is ideal for taking around corners and learning to manauevre your bike around in general.
  • You can buy yourself a relatively cheap bike in this category and have it be more affordable for both repairs as well as insurance.
  • Very common type of bike, this makes it easier to find parts in order to fix up problems that you encounter down the road.
  • These bikes sit in an upright position and will give you better posture than a sport bike; these bikes are definitely more ideal for driving long distances with.
  • Due to the fact these bikes are fairly simple in nature and light weight, you will find that these bikes are fuel efficient and comfortable and easy to ride.

Some of the pros include:

  • Easy to find this type of bike available for sale; it is also a lot easier to order parts for the bike if you have any problems.
  • These types of bikes will not travel at super-fast speeds like that of a sport bike; meaning that you are a lot safer travelling on these types of motorcycles especially when you are just starting out.
  • One of the biggest pros to these motorcycles is that there are so many parts you can find for them so that you can upgrade and customize them to suit your personal tastes.
  • You will find a ton of these bikes in the used motorcycle marketplace which is ideal if you want to pay less for your motorcycle and still get something that is nice.
  • One of the biggest perks to these bikes is that since you can buy them for such a cheap price in the first place; it is not as big of a deal if you have an accident that involves damaging the bike.

You will not only pay less to repair the bike; but if you decide you want to buy a different and more expensive model these bikes are easy to resell which can bring you well on your way to purchasing a brand new bike once you realize what kind of features you actually want to have.

Some cons are:

  • Although these motorcycles are not very expensive, you may not find them to be super comfortable.
  • Due to the upright seating position; these bikes require you to sit straight and can result in a sore back.
  • These bikes are not used off road for the most part; if that is something you are interested in then you may want to look into a different type of bike.
  • Due to the fact these bikes are so common you will find a lot of unknown brands in the marketplace and it may be difficult to find something that is high quality; it is important to check reviews and warranty before you buy so that you can be sure you are getting a quality product.
  • You will need a proper license as well as insurance in order to buy these bikes and drive them legally on the road.

Final verdict:

These bikes can be a great starter bike even if you have never ridden a bicycle before; you can keep these bikes going at a low speed and properly learn to turn due to the good handling and quality brakes that these types of bikes have built into them.

It is always important to research your bikes properly before buying one; especially if you are buying from someone who has a used bike.

If a bike is not properly maintained over the course of its life it could just be a matter of time before something goes seriously wrong with the bike and you end up having to buy a brand new one or something else that is used.

If at all possible it is always a good idea to get service records for the motorcycle so that you can be sure that the user was properly maintaining the motorcycle and you can be more certain that the motorcycle is actually going to last you for a period of time.

It can be quite scary if you are just starting out riding motorcycles and it is important to go slow and learn the proper and safe way to drive. Make sure you take care of your bike, watch your tire tread, change your oil and brakes when needed. A standard motorcycle is nothing to laugh at and you can customize it to suit your own preferences and needs while you learn.

It is hard to find a bike that is as safe as the standard motorcycle and offers great handling on the road which is something that is very important if you have never handled a bike before. Best of luck in finding the best beginner motorcycle and hope that it both lasts you for a long time and is as enjoyable to ride as you hoped it would be.

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