Best Kids Motorcycle Helmets

When your kids are interested in street biking and motocross activities, it is essential that they are genuinely protected with a good motorcycle helmet that fits them just right.

Parents value nothing more than the safety of their children, so the motorcycle helmet you choose must be of great value regardless of price.

Never settle for a mediocre or cheap helmet, as your goal is to guarantee the safety of your kids while letting them enjoy their favorite hobby.

A good motorcycle helmet must be certified by any safety standards, like DOT, Snell, and ECE 22-05, to guarantee its protection ability. There are many types of helmets to select from, such as full face helmets, half helmets, and open face helmets.

Due to the growing popularity of motorcycle helmets, there are various brands available for kids. They mostly differ in price, design, and feature set.

To help you decide which kids motorcycle helmet best suits your children, here are some of the most highly rated models in the market right now.

Razor Full Face Youth Helmet

This specific model is made with a spacious eye port to offer sufficient room for goggles. To keep your kids cool while riding, there are 17 vents built in around the helmet.

The interior pads are made with extra thickness to provide superior comfort and customized fit even if your kids are in motion. The mouth part of the helmet has a vent to promote better airflow for breathing. This helmet is suitable for kids 8-14 years old.

The best feature of this helmet is its cool design and nice fit. The full face design offers  full coverage protection from the top of your kid’s head down to his or her neck.

It offers maximum comfort with its thick pads, great ventilation system, and lightweight design. However, some customers noted that the plastic linking the face guard with the helmet looks a little weak and would be improved with some reinforcement.

It also doesn’t come with goggles, which would have made it even better for eye protection. Nonetheless, this is a great looking helmet which offers the right fit for your children.

WOW Youth Kids Motocross BMX MX ATV Dirt Bike Helmet

This helmet is made of a thermoplastic and alloy composite shell which offers durability and an aerodynamic design. Its interior is heavily padded to give comfort while riding in motion.

Interestingly, the pads can be removed and washed to keep it clean and prevent the growth of bacteria. A glossy UV protective finish is coated on its exterior shell, making the paint resistant against fading.

A large eye area is allotted for goggles. More significantly, this helmet is DOT certified, which makes it more reliable in unforeseen crash impacts.

With its spider design graphics highlighting the blue base background, this helmet is an attractive piece to wear in any sport biking event.

It is also affordable given that it’s DOT certified and offers a good fit among users. It is built with an aerodynamic design which makes it suitable for racing purposes.

However, you need to purchase googles which fit for this helmet, or else it will be bothersome to wear it underneath the helmet. Nonetheless, this helmet offers great protection and comfort at a low price.

CKX 349772 VG-300 Kids/Youth/Juniors Helmet

This model is designed with a half face helmet style. Its shell is made of injection molded plastic which can resist any impact that might endanger your kid.

It is built with a proclip fast release mechanism for easy attachment. This helmet is DOT certified, making it a great piece of safety equipment against fatal crashes.

At 2.9 pounds, this helmet is lightweight enough to wear the whole ride long, which offers less distraction and burden to your kids while wearing it.

Nickel plated rivets keep the parts of the helmet securely together. The size of this helmet is perfect for those kids aged 10 to 13.

This is a great product because it offers excellent ventilation with its spacious front area. If your kid doesn’t feel comfortable when being enclosed in a full face helmet, this specific model is the right one.

While it provides the right protection needed against head injuries, it offers abundant ventilation with the lack of cover on the front. This allows more air to flow freely in your kids’ faces.

However, this item doesn’t include goggles, which would have been a perfect addition for eye protection. Due to a lack of eye shield, some customers have opted for sunglasses for eye protection.

Nevertheless, this helmet comes in a simple and slim design which can be worn with less of a burden.

LS2 Helmets FF392 Junior Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

This model comes with a lightweight design which is aerodynamic, offering less drag when passing though strong winds.

Its shell is built with an HTPP composite material, making it even more resilient against high winds. Its vents can be adjusted to control the amount of air flowing through the helmet.

When it’s warm, you can open the vents to keep you cool. When it gets cold, you can close some vents to keep the chilly air from getting into your helmet.

Additionally a DOT certification makes this helmet a great buy for safety reasons.

Unlike all other cheap helmets which include no eye shield, the LS2 Helmets FF392 is built with a clear shield that offers great visibility while protecting the eyes against dust and foreign objects.

The shield gives an accurate optical vision which doesn’t restrict the view of your kids. The liners can be detached and removed for keeping it clean at all times.

Your kids can easily slip this helmet on and off with its fast release strap. However, no matter how great its features are, some customers complained about this helmet’s limited design.

Nevertheless, this is still a perfect item for your kid’s safety.