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Duke Helmets DK-120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet, Matte Black

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This helmet is a very stylish helmet and is also available for a very low cost. It will be difficult to find a helmet that is full face and yet is such a low budget.

Although this is definitely not a helmet that carries a big brand name along with it; it is a very nice helmet that will help to protect your head in the case of an accident which is what a helmet should do.

Most people look at the price of cheap helmets and they think that a cheap helmet is not going to protect their head as well as a more expensive helmet is going to.

The truth is that helmets really can’t protect your head all that much and you should try and find something that is comfortable for you and that is going to last you for a long period of time; also to hope that should you get into an accident it isn’t too bad.


  • One of the best things about this helmet is that it is available in all different sizes including: small, medium, large, X-large, XX-large. Making this helmet ideal for any age group.
  • This helmet has a very simple design and is in a very nice, eye appealing matte black finish.
  • This helmet contains reinforced fiber to help protect your head against injury during an accident; it also makes this helmet more durable over long term wear being exposed to the elements.
  • Very adjustable helmet overall thanks to a button up chin strap and the fact that it comes in so many sizes.
  • One nice thing about this helmet is that it comes with an extra smoked visor; if you are biking out in the sun or you are going out in the winter when there is a lot of snow; a smoked visor can really help to protect your eyes from the bright outside environment.


  • This helmet is easy to clean thanks to a chin strap and removable cheek pads; simply take these out and put them through the wash or clean them by hand.
  • The inner lining of this helmet is actually sweat absorbing which is ideal for long trips or if you are biking out in hot weather.
  • Quick release visor mechanism built into the helmet allows you to switch the visor out easily and put in the smoked version or vice versa.
  • This helmet is a very light weight helmet overall and still contains a hard composite shell to better take on hard impacts.
  • Vents built into the helmet help to keep you cool on hot days.


  • This is a relatively cheap helmet so you will notice things like UV ray protection missing.
  • Some people reported that the helmet was relatively easy to scratch.

Final verdict: For such a cheap helmet it is going to be difficult to find something that matches up to this one. You will have a hard time trying to find a helmet that comes with two visors, that is fully adjustable and that comes in such a nice looking design for the price of the unit.

Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT +2 Visor

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This helmet requires a little bit higher of a budget in order to purchase. Still available in a large variety of sizes this is also a very nicely styled helmet and is still an affordable price tag. You will notice that this helmet does have a large number of vent points on the helmet making it ideal for travel in warm weather. The sleek looking design does not incorporate buttons so if you are looking into buying this helmet just make sure that you order the proper size so that it actually fits on the top of your head and you don’t have to attempt some kind of “do it yourself” adjustment techniques.


  • This helmet is made in a very sleek design that is aerodynamic so that you can drive around faster and burn less gas.
  • A grand total of 7 different ventilation points on the unit makes this unit ideal for someone who sweats a lot or someone who lives in a warm climate.
  • The face shield included with this helmet is actually scratch resistant, which is not something you see too often in this price range.
  • Compounded, curved face shield is quite wide and offers a very good field of vision.


  • All of the features of this helmet meet or exceed safety standards. It is light weight in design and therefore ideal for fuel economy and carrying around with you.
  • Chin, rear and forehead vents on the unit keep your whole head cool and comfortable when you are riding.
  • Hypo-allergenic cheek pads are great for people who are sensitive to fabrics, the cheek pads are also removable so that you can wash them in your washing machine or by hand.
  • One of the nicest things about this helmet is that it is black and therefore matches pretty much any motorcycle outfit that you could possibly get.


  • This is not the most budget friendly helmet available on the market
  • Some people may not like the artistic design elements that are built into this helmet.
  • This helmet is missing some features that other helmets have in this price range such as more adjustability, graphic design and adjustable straps.

Final verdict

Duke makes a very comfortable helmet that is available in a range of sizes. It is difficult to find a stylish comfortable fitting helmet that does the job of protecting your head properly in an accident.

Although there is no perfect helmet and even a helmet won’t save your head from every accident; this is a good quality helmet and it is something that is durable and that should last you for a long period of time. The removable cheek pads as well as the visors that come with the helmet help bring value to the package and allow the user to do some of their own customizations in order to make the helmet a little bit more comfortable for themselves.

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