Bell Cam Adult Qualifier On-Road Motorcycle Helmet Review

Bell is synonymous with some of the best designed sports gear available. Their most recent motorcycle helmet, the Cam Adult Qualifier On-Road helmet, continues this fine tradition. Though it does come at a steeper price than other comparable helmets from other companies, it more than justifies its hefty price tag when it come to customization and comfort while still providing maximum impact protection


  • Aerodynamic design for stability and less drag at high speeds
  • Adjustable ventilation design for comfort and cooling
  • Poly-carbonate, lightweight shell
  • NutraFog II anti-scratch, anti-fog visor with UV protection
  • Integrated speakers for audio input devices like MP3 player or FM/AM radio
  • Department of Transportation certified for utmost protection
  • Removable, washable inner lining with anti-bacterial protection
  • Padded wind collar for wind and noise reduction
  • ClickRelease shield for tool-free, easy shield changing


Excellent Shield Visor Design

This helmet features a NutraFog II shield visor. These are especially useful for providing UV protection from the sun and aids in preventing scratching and fogging up. This is through a special coating that prevents condensation from accumulating on the inside as heat builds up when worn for extended periods of time.

Customized Venting

Too much heat may not even be an issue with this model. Bell has designed this helmet with an adjustable ventilation system that can control the amount of heat released and thus creates a cooler and more comfortable experience.

Aerodynamic Design

Helmets that are hard to steady at high speeds may not be made with aerodynamics in mind. Such unwieldy and bulky helmets are not only unstable at high speeds, they can often slow you down and cause inefficient fuel consumption. Bell takes this into consideration and has made their Cam Adult Qualifier as aerodynamic as possible in order to ensure that you can keep your head steady at high speeds with minimal drag.

Integrated Audio Speakers

Even more revolutionary is the audio input jack just beneath the visor. This is connects to integrated left and right speakers near your ears so you can listen to the radio or your MP3 player while riding. Though it’s not recommended for use while among other cars on the road due to the fact that you might not hear a horn honking warning you of impending danger, they’re perfect for the track or road when no one else is nearby.

Padded Wind Collar

One of the biggest issues for motorcycle riders at high speeds is too much wind and noise. The padded wind collar that Bell has included with this model is excellent at reducing wind resistance around your head as well as lessening the amount of noise you hear at high speeds.

Things to be Aware Of

Hefty Price Tag

With the brand recognition of Bell Sports Corp, you’d expect that this name would come at a high price point. Indeed, this model is twice the amount of similar products from their competitors. It’s a good thing it comes with many features, otherwise you might feel cheated.

Clear, not tinted, Visor

Though the shield provides excellent UV protection from sunlight, it’s clear rather than tinted. This means that you might be blinded by bright sunlight if you’re not wearing sunglasses. This may be rather difficult for those who prefer a snug fit when it comes to their bike helmets.

Cheek Padding Compression

This problem with the visor is further exacerbated by the fact that the padding around the cheek tends to compress easily and can start to feel loose after extended periods of use. This effect becomes more pronounced for daily users. You could buy a smaller size to fit more snugly, though this would make wearing sunglasses difficult.

Comparison with other products

A similar helmet, the JX-F01 from competing helmet manufacturer IV2, is much more affordable and comes with a tinted visor. But this is where negative comparisons end, as both provide fantastic impact protection. Bell’s offering also has more customization features and thus more innovation.

Also, while the Cam Adult Qualifier tends to be too loose, the JX-F01 is reportedly too small for its labeled size. This means that you might have to order a size smaller, rather than one size larger like you would for the JX-F01.Although you’re paying more for Bell’s helmet, you get more for your money.

Bottom Line

This raises an interesting final question: if safety concerns are not an issue, which would you prefer? Would you like a cheaper helmet that fits more snugly but has less customized features or would you instead prefer a pricier model that has more bells and whistles to provide a more interesting and smoother experience on the road? If your answer was the latter, then the Bell Cam Adult Qualifier On-Road Motorcycle Helmet is exactly the kind of helmet you’re looking for.